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Pure cannabidiol is what Colorado-based Avida CBD offers. To that end, their purpose is to help people have a healthier lifestyle with hemp products. They believe that CBD can give consumers relief from life’s various pains and stresses. And the company wants consumers to feel safe and satisfied using their sundry products. Their own families, children, and friends are also customers.

Avida CBD creates goods of guaranteed, consistent quality. And the company promises that their products are completely safe and really effective. So, to fulfill that pledge, their merchandise is 3rd-party lab tested before market. That gives independent assurance to users about their claims.

Avida ensures that everything is pure in their products from the very beginning. That commitment starts with source hemp farming. Thus, growing soil must be free from heavy metals and chemical contaminants. They allow no synthetic fertilizers. Cannabis crops are carefully examined to eliminate molds and mildew. The entire process results in high quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD. They will settle for nothing less than the best.

There are several reasons that health-conscious customers might choose the company’s merchandise. For instance, their organic oils come from non-GMO hemp. Also, source plants are also pesticide-free. They use only eco-friendly farming and manufacturing processes. Product THC levels are always legally below 0.03%. These things are true of everything that they make and sell.

Their product line includes CBD oil, vape juice, vaping pens, edibles, topicals and more.

Dr. Ganja carries Avida CBD disposable vaporizer pens in several different flavors. You can find mango, kiwi strawberry, raspberry and grape.

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