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Bay Smokes

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Bay Smokes has some of the hottest cannabis products around! They want to offer customers choices. The company has many different hemp products. They offer both CBD and THC products. And there are a variety of ways to dose their cannabis creations.

What do they make and market? Bay Smokes has it all. They sell hemp flower. The company offers vape cartridges. You can buy their distillates. They have edibles for slower dosing. If shatter is your thing, they make that too. There are even moon rocks, flower dipped in oil. That’s a lot of options.

Balance is one big benefit that Bay Smokes offers. Their hemp goodies can help mental and physical equilibrium. Some prefer their homeostasis without the buzz. In that case, CBD is the best solution. Some want that psychotropic high. Then they should go with THC. Either way, the company has hep hemp consumers covered.

Bay Smokes also emphasizes quality along with quantity. They aren’t content with having the most products. They also want the best merchandise. Which is why they use trusted third-party labs. That way every puff is pure. And thus, users can be assured that their smokes are safe as well as effective. They won’t compromise when it comes to cannabis wares.

Variety and verifiable goodness. That’s the company's philosophy in a nutshell. That’s the reputation they strive to live up to.

Dr. Ganja stocks some Bay Smokes vape carts for you to consider. Strains featured include Zkittles and Granddaddy Purple.

Bay Smokes Products

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