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CBD Cannabis Beauty – Now that we know how hemp oil and cbd products taken internally, as in cbd capsules or cbd suppositories, can improve our lives, it follows that there should be a good topical use for hemp too.

And there is! Cannabis Beauty Defined (CBD) leverages the anti-aging properties of cannabis to offer a series of great skin products, bath soaks and other therapeutic cbd products — including, yes, also capsules available on the Dr.Ganja cbd online store.

One Dr.Ganja favorite is the luxurious CBD facial cream moisturizer, a perfect hydrator before bed. Dr.Ganja also offers a selection of anti-aging herbal cbd capsules, designed to give you a look of youthful radiance, and a hemp oil salve and serum, both created to heal the skin and protect against environmental free radicals and other irritants that can damage and pre-age the skin.

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