Cibaderm Cannabis Beauty Exactly what you need in your bathroom


Cibaderm makes and offers exactly what you need in your bathroom — all with CBD from hemp. The brand exists as a way to integrate CBD benefits into your daily bath or shower routine.

Cibaderm’s body care products are made with a special hemp CBD oil complex that boosts hydration, and they’re all designed for everyday use so you don’t ever have to go without.

Plus, they come with a bonus boost in the form of powerful herbal botanicals, such as ginseng, white poeny, goji berry, white mulberry leaf, licorice root and almond oil. In conjunction with hemp oil, these ingredients soothe and heal hair and skin.

So, while you’re treating your insides well by supplementing with CBD capsules, CBD sprays and other CBD products that are all available on the Dr.Ganja CBD store, Cibaderm is here to remind us not to forget to give our face, body and hair a matching glow. From CBD body lotions to body wash and shampoo / conditioner blends, cannabis was never more luxurious.

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