Cibdex Hemp CBD Complex


Cibdex is a natural hemp oil supplement created to engage positively with your own endocannabinoid system, a body-brain network of cannabinoid receptors that modulates appetite, mood, memory and pain.

Their all-natural CBD capsules are a top recommendation from Dr.Ganja, as well as an easy way to start supplementing on a daily basis with healing CBD. Rather than buy CBD edibles at a marijuana store or do the nigh impossible — “find a CBD store near me” — start out an easier way by going for what works: buying pure CBD products online on Dr.Ganja.

Not only do the Cibdex capsules include oil from the hemp plant’s potent stalks and stem, they’re also kosher, non-GMO and vegan, so there’s no reason to worry about your diet.

In fact, taking CBD supplements or eating CBD edibles might be the ultimate way to eat clean.

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