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Delta 9 THC

Hemp Delta-9 (Δ9) Tetrahydrocannabinol, or D9 THC, is a natural compound found in hemp plants. It is most well-known for strong sedating effects and its distinctively useful properties.

D9 from hemp is the same psychoactive compound found in high quantities in cannabis buds. The only difference is Dr.Ganja sells hemp-derived Δ9 products grown following compliance codes under the federally recognized 2018 Farm Act.

All D9 cannabinoid goods, like tinctures, gummies or syrups, have been made with Δ9 derived from hemp plants that contain less than 0.3% of D9 THC on a dry weight basis.

Enjoy the ever popular edible products that serve up anywhere from 5 to 15 milligrams of delta-9 per serving. Experience waves of chill flowing through your body and mind thanks to D9 and the varied spectrum of additional cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, CBG or CBN.





















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Delta 9 is a compound people have enjoyed for thousands of years for relaxation, pain relief, mood boosts or more accurately, getting a sweet buzz.

D9 is now more widely available from the cannabis sativa or hemp plant. This makes it legal in minimal concentrations on a dry weight basis. Despite the minimalism, there is still enough THC to get you where you want to be.

Add D9 syrups or shots to your favorite beverages for a positive addition to your daily energy levels and mood. And add gummies to your afternoon treat or weekend vibes for a long-lasting experience.

Does Hemp Derived Delta-9 THC Get You High?

Yes, hemp derived delta-9 THC will get you high. The cannabinoid is made up of the exact same molecules no matter if it is grown in hemp plants with low levels of THC or cannabis plants with higher levels of THC.

Most D9 hemp products offer smooth full-spectrum effects as the hemp THC is more than likely teamed up with several other cannabinoids like CBD, CBG or CBN.

It is important to note that each person reacts differently to cannabinoids and can have varying experiences.

Variables may include:

  • Previous cannabis use
  • Bodyweight
  • Individual’s Endocannabinoid System
  • Gastrointestinal factors (I.e: digestion, metabolism, etc.)
  • Consumption method (I.e: smoke, vape, edibles, etc.)
  • Overall general health

Minimal doses are recommended if you have not tried d9 until you understand where the dosage sweet spot is for you.

The accepted dose ranges of Δ9 THC are:

  • High dose: 25 mg - 50 mg
  • Medium dose: 5 mg - 25 mg
  • Low dose: 1 mg - 5 mg

Hemp Derived Delta 9 VS Delta 9

The main distinction between the two would be the differences in concentration or doses. The effect, however, of the THC will be the same.

In states that THC is legal, concentrations can be at any strength level under a particular partition between individual servings (Ie:10 mg per gummy/100 mg per package).

Delta 9 from hemp will be available in much smaller doses because federal legal hemp is not high in Δ9. Most hemp Δ9 products are manufactured with extracts that are tested in certified labs to ensure the finished product is under the 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight.

What Is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol is a combination of the elements, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. The THC compound is considered a necessary part of the hemp and cannabis plants.

Specifically, Delta 9 THC has been found to be far more potent than many other cannabinoids thanks to its chemical make-up. It provides several beneficial effects besides euphoria due to its exceptional ability to interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Delta-9 VS Delta-8 Potency

D9 versus D8 potency is based on the difference in the arrangement of their chemical structure. Both compounds contain double bonds between two carbon atoms. The Delta 8 THC compound contains the double bond on the eighth carbon atom, while the delta 9 double bond is on the ninth carbon atom.

So despite their similar structure, both D9 and D8 tend to provide a distinct array of effects due to the way in which each individual cannabinoid is able to interact with CB1 receptors in the brain or the CB2 receptors throughout the body.

The high derived from delta 9 tends to be more intense than the high achieved with Delta 8.

D8 has been described as offering a smooth slight euphoria that offers mental clarity and a calm energy. However, the potency of Delta-8 can be strong for those who are not accustomed to ingesting it.

Can You Combine THC And CBD?

Yes, THC can be combined and taken with CBD. In fact, we highly recommend taking both in unison for a brilliant combination of perfect effects.

These two cannabinoids complement each other well and offer you the true entourage effect.

Many users of the THC and CBD winning combination often speak to its impact on combating chronic pain or inflammation ailments. In addition, others have claimed the combo helps to improve their quality of sleep, ease nausea and/or reduce anxiety.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Hemp Δ9 THC?

DRGANJA.COM is the best place to buy Δ9 THC and other hemp extract products like delicious fruity gummies, syrups or shots to add to your favorite beverages, vape carts, tinctures and more.

Enjoy a mellow and very even high with the best Delta 9 / CBD gummies. Dr.Ganja sells all the top d9 gummy brands and other top hemp edibles.

Get all the right affordable prices and the huge selection you deserve with Dr.Ganja!