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Cannabomb bath bombs can be a great way to relax. Relaxing in a tub full of warm water is very soothing, adding a CBD bath bomb could be even more comforting. And Cannabomb bath bombs contain terpenes and essential oils for potentially greater benefits in your bath. They also sell CBD bath salts for medicating your bathtub with magnesium, essential oils and CBD. With either of these options you can potentially heal your body of pain and stress while you bathe.

Sole proprietor, Jenna Hensley founded her company in Oregon in 2017. Since then, Cannabomb CBD Skin Care has grown into a coast-to-coast business that uses organic, ethical and vegan ingredients in its products. Jenna’s company makes her bath bombs exclusively with hemp grown in the United States. She has her products third party lab tested to ensure quality.

CBD reportedly lowers pain levels, reduces redness and swelling, and maybe even decreases stress and anxiety. Further, some claim that CBD can quiet seizures and help kill off cancer cells. Terpenes seemingly boost the effects of CBD, as well as add scent and flavor to hemp products. And essential oils may have healing, relaxing and medicinal qualities for those who use them. Combining all these together in bath products gives you a fairly easy-to-use option for dosing with CBD.

Dr.Ganja carries a variety of Cannabomb bath bombs and bath salts that may be ideally designed to soothe and heal the largest organ of the body: your skin. Their salts and bath bombs could also help you unwind, plus possibly leave you pain and stress-free.

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