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CBD Guides

CBD Dosing Chart for Dogs & Cats

This is a CBD dosing chart that you can use to determine the right amount of CBD to give your pet. It’s important to understand there is no one size fits all approach. Certain factors that go in to determining how much CBD to give your pet include, the pets weight, age and state of health.

10 Best CBD Gummies: Ultimate Review & Usage Guide

The CBD industry is growing larger and larger by the day. Companies are being formed all over the globe. CBD products are being thought up, formulated, and then brought to life. With this boom, comes plenty of choices for consumers. And more choices are usually better than fewer choices.

CBD Oil For Dogs: A Guide To CBD For Your Favorite Pets

What’s not to love about dogs? They teach us, unconditional love, they give us companionship, and they’re loyal best friends. In short, they are part of the family. So, it’s only natural to want the best for them, right? Of course!

​How CBD Oil Is Made – How To Extract CBD

If you’ve bought a few different brands of CBD oil you may have noticed that there’s some variations between them: a different smell or perhaps even a different taste. This is no mistake, as the oils likely were extracted using different methods. There are many ways to extract CBD oil from the plant…

​CBD Oil Dosage: How much should you take?

The world of CBD can a bit daunting: from crumble to tinctures to capsules to edibles – the possibilities seem endless. For many, that endless possibility begins with CBD Oil. Let’s say you’ve finally settled on a tincture at Dr.Ganja, had it shipped to you (free for U.S. orders), you open up the bottle, catch the peculiar but enticing aroma of the oil and… now what?

How To Spot Fake CBD – Not All CBD Is Created Equal

With the myriad of health problems that CBD hemp products have been said to assist with (and rightfully so), CBD has been one of the hottest new products on the market. And as one might expect, to capitalize on this sudden surge of popularity, there are tons of companies that sell the products, with more being created every month.

How You Can Use CBD to Quit Smoking

Smoking affects 14 of every 100 adults every day. The best way to start this is to explain how nicotine affects the body and how this habit has gotten so many Americans addicted. Nicotine dependence is the term used and related to the addiction to nicotine other words tobacco more commonly in the form of a cigarette.

Best Ways To Take CBD: A Comprehensive Guide | Dr.Ganja

Supplementing with CBD isn’t hard, but it certainly feels like leveling up when you find a brand that offers a whole range of ultra high-potency products. Nothing beats full-spectrum cannabinoids in powerful doses from a trusted provider.

7 Easy Ways to Make CBD a Daily Routine

Research shows that CBD (cannabidiol) from hemp and cannabis can help decrease inflammation, soothe pain and promote calm in the storm that’s many of our daily lives.