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What Is Vaping?

Vaping is an alternative to smoking. Vaporizers are devices that eliminate the need for combustion and can efficiently transfer nicotine or cannabinoids by inhalation beyond the brain barrier very quickly. Ideally vaping reduces the lungs exposure to tar and many other toxic chemicals found in cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes or vaporizers are filled with liquid that contain various cannabinoids or in some cases nicotine. Through the use of a small heating element inside the device, the liquid inside the liquid tank is heated and then vaporized. Once the vapor is formed, it can be inhaled through the mouthpiece of the device.

How Does A Vape Work?

There are several types of vaporizers on the market today. The most popular e-cigs are electronic cigarette pens, disposable and non-disposable pods, box mods, squonk mods, oil pens, portable cannabis vaporizers and desktop vaporizers. There are always new and inspiring designs being released, so it can be overwhelming to keep up.

However, any electronic vaping device needs the same basic parts to function.

  • An ergonomic casing
  • Atomizer with heating coil
  • A tank for liquid
  • A wicking system
  • An air intake flow system
  • A lithium ion battery
  • A mouthpiece

The battery is connected to the atomizer and it powers the coil that heats the liquid or oil for vaporization. The wicking system allows for the liquid to be transferred from the tank to the coil. The air intake flow system helps bring air flow to the atomizer and the coil. As the liquid continues to vaporize, the air flow system allows for it to come up and out through the mouthpiece. Some air flow systems are designed to be adjusted to ensure tighter hits for the perfect throat hits.

The more technically evolved vape devices also are designed with a fire button to activate the device when vaping and it will usually act as an on/off switch. They are designed with LED screens that show battery life and can display the variable settings as you scroll through them. All these adjustable features are meant to offer the user a more optimized vaping experience.

These vapes will either have built in batteries with a charging port or removable batteries that require their own separate charging systems.

The more simpler e-cigs work by directly drawing on the mouthpiece and usually are not designed with any extra special buttons or LED screens. They often will come with a battery light to show battery strength and a basic micro USB charging port.

Disposable devices come with a pre-charged battery and often cannot be recharged. Although the technology of those devices continue to change rapidly and there are a few disposable devices now with charging ports.

Is Vaping A Good Alternative To Smoking?

Smoking requires combustion and is known to be damaging to the human body. Tobacco cigarettes are known to contain around 7000 different types of toxic chemicals. By vaping you lessen the exposure to those toxic chemicals and you inhale a cleaner vapor than with tobacco.

Hemp products are heavily regulated and due to this, the bud flower does not contain as many toxic chemicals, if any, as tobacco cigarettes. In addition, all the reputable hemp companies release paperwork called certificates of analysis or COA’s that contain information on their products such as heavy metals or additional toxins, which cannabinoids are most prominent, terpenes and more.

Vaping can be a good alternative to smoking for those who would like to cut back or eliminate smoking from their life entirely. Of course, vaping is not as bad as smoking, but it still can have an effect on your lungs and heart. We recommend always purchasing from trusted and premium brands only, such as the ones sold on this website, so you are assured quality and safety. And of course, just like all things, vaping should be used in moderation.

How To Best Inhale A Vape?

Vaping for the first time doesn’t have to be tricky. It’s best to remember to take it slow with short puffs until you get the hang of it.

There are two basic techniques to inhale a vape. Mouth to lung (MTL) and direct lung (DL). Which technique one uses is mostly determined by the type of vaporizer they use.

MTL hits are best when using a small vape pen or pod with high resistance coils. These types of vaporizers typically will offer a very tight draw. Some of these devices may have an adjustable air intake to ensure the best hits and flavor transfer. These vapes offer a minimal amount of vapor, but the throat hits are similar to what one would expect from smoking a cigarette. This requires a slow long draw, while holding the vapor in your mouth before inhaling and then exhaling slowly.

DL hits are optimal when using larger vapes with atomizers containing low resistance coils typically found on box mods or mechanical mods. These types of vaporizers tend to create more bounteous vapor clouds. With a DL hit one will draw from the mouthpiece directly into their lungs and exhale rather quickly because of the sheer amount of vapor drawn into the lungs.

Once you choose the best types of vaporizers for the experience you are specifically looking to achieve, you will understand when to take deep long hits or short puffs.

Which Electronic Vaporizers Are Best For Beginner Vapers?

There are an incredible amount of electronic vapes on the market and it can be really overwhelming to choose what will be the best for you as a newcomer to vaping. But we are here to help!

There are many types of devices for hemp that people often use such as dab rigs, bubblers, bongs, refillable vape pods, vape pens, box mod tanks and even non-refillable vape pens and pods.

For beginners, we recommend you begin with something easy such as a non-refillable vape pen. It will be the most easy vape experience to begin with. They are ready to use immediately out of the package with a pre-charged battery and full vape tank. Most of these types of pods will be on-draw, so small and slow hits are recommended.

Purchasing a disposable vape will give you a good opportunity to try CBD or several other combinations of cannabinoids. Once you find the best combination for you, you can begin to discover all the other numerous vaping options available.

This is the best method of vape discovery because it allows you to explore the world of vaping in a more cost effective way. Don’t let someone sell you a bunch of devices or products you don’t need or don’t understand how to use. And if you have any questions, Dr.Ganja’s customer service is always here to answer any more questions you have.

How To Choose A Cannabinoid To Vape?

Vaping cannabinoids is a quick delivery system for a user to feel the desired effects almost immediately. Hemp cannabinoids can be helpful for various conditions and symptoms. Choosing the right cannabinoid for you to vape can be simplified by asking yourself, “What type of health benefits am I looking to receive, do I want to feel any psychoactive effects, and/or is it simply for recreational use?”

Cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN are known to help with quite a few conditions such as pain, anxiety and insomnia, but are not psychoactive.

If you’re choosing various cannabinoids to help with some type of pain or anxiety, but have never tried hemp cannabinoids, vaping CBD would be the best place to start.

Additionally, if you would like to experience a sense of euphoria for mood enhancement, cannabinoids such as Delta 8, Delta 9, THCA or HHC would be great choices in addition to CBD. Any combination of cannabinoids can be great for an entourage effect, because when several cannabinoids are combined, they work synergistically and increase the benefits offered to the user.

Dr.Ganja invites you to read more about cannabinoids in our very own dictionary located in our blog section. And if you still have some questions, Dr.Ganja’s customer service is there to answer any and all questions you may have.

Do Vaporizer Cartridges And Disposable Pods Expire?

There is not much on this earth that will not expire (we’re looking at you McDonald’s). So yes, hemp vaporizer cart and disposable pods expire. Despite having a shelf life, they do remain potent longer than any old hemp flower you could find. But just remember that hemp compounds do deteriorate over time and cannot possibly stay as potent as a new cart with a recent production date.

There are a few things you can do to help your carts or disposable pods stay fresh. Cannabinoids break down with direct sunlight and warmth. This means you should always keep pods in a dry, cool location. You should never keep them in direct sunlight, in a warm location in your house or in refrigerators / freezers. So this also means that you especially shouldn’t make it a habit to ever leave them in your car for long periods of time either.

Another option is to keep track of your collection of carts or pods manufacturing date. This will give you an idea how to best rotate them for optimal usage when they’re at their most freshest. You want to make sure you don’t vape anything that is over a year old just to ensure your safety and quality of your experience.

And just for good measure, do not vape anything that is expired or that has changed color or consistency over time. Again for your safety and quality. It will definitely not taste good and will be absent of potency. And worse, it could contain mold or bacterias that you do not want to be inhaling into your lungs.

Can Terpenes Be Vaped?

Yes, absolutely hemp derived or botanical terpenes can be vaped and are in most of your favorite distillates or liquids. Terpenes offer you all those great flavors you taste and aromas you enjoy each time you vape or smoke hemp.

Terpenes are a prevalent organic aromatic chemical compound found throughout nature. They are produced in just about every plant and determine their distinctive aromas and/or flavors.

Hemp plants are known to have over 100 unique terpenes that offer their own exceptional aromas, flavors and therapeutic benefits. Therefore, terpenes not only add special scents and excellent flavors, but they can relieve stress, improve mood and so much more.