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Premium CBG Hemp Oil is shipped FREE to all 50 states

CBG is a phytocannabinoid that exists within the cannabis species of plants, including hemp. In fact, many strains of hemp are high in CBG content. Due to the rising popularity of CBG or cannabigerol, many experienced growers are breeding hemp strains to produce larger amounts of CBG. This way, the potency of a CBG oil could be strong enough for the benefits to really come through.

Cannabigerol has a lot in common with the popular cannabinoid CBD. For instance, the two share a quality that most people can appreciate — they’re both non-psychoactive. In other words, you cannot get high from consuming products that contain CBG or CBD.

To date, the scientific evidence on CBG is promising. More researchers are keen on understanding just how much cannabigerol can do for our health. Two of the most common CBG products you’ll see today include CBG oil and CBG hemp flower. This description focuses on CBG oil, but you can learn about CBG hemp flower, by visiting this page.

CBG Hemp Oil

CBG oil is created from hemp extract. The hemp extract is then added to a carrier oil, such as coconut, avocado, hemp seed, or olive oil to allow for greater absorption in the body. When nothing is done to refine the hemp extract, and it stays in its natural ‘whole-plant’ form, this is referred to as full-spectrum.


CBG Oil Products

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  • Extract Labs Broad Spectrum CBD & CBG Tincture 2000mg 30ml

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $99.00   Free Discreet Shipping & Easy Returns

    Extract Labs formulated a hemp-derived hybrid tincture with 50% CBG and 50% CBD. It’s an amazing combination and the perfect product if you love both of these spectacular cannabinoids. Also, this tincture has a nice strong potency of 2,000mg of CBD and CBG combined. You no longer have to choose between a CBD or CBG product — now you can have both!

  • Extract Labs Full Spectrum CBG Tincture 1000mg 30ml

    Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
    $75.00   Free Discreet Shipping & Easy Returns

    Extract Labs Full-Spectrum CBG Oil contains 500mg of CBG and 500mg of CBD. The oil comes in a 1 oz. bottle and has a total of 30 servings. Each serving has 16.5mg of CBG and 16.5mg of CBD. The company sources its hemp from Colorado and sends its full-spectrum hemp extract to third-party labs to verify potency.