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Delta-8 THC from hemp is the Dodi company’s sole business. They make grow, extract and process everything in the US. That means there are exacting standards that their products have to meet. One benchmark that their merchandise must meet is below 0.3% delta-9 THC. That makes everything legal in most areas.

Though cannabis products are becoming increasingly accepted, Dodi recommends checking local laws. Most places only restrict delta-9 sales and use. But some locations are stricter. It’s always a good idea to be sure.

Delta-8 might give users a briefer buzz but it has all the benefit of regular cannabis. This minor cannabinoid targets pain and stress. Depending on dosing method, result times can vary. Oral consumption can take up to an hour. Vaping brings relief within minutes. Ingesting lasts longer, while inhaling is faster. Overall the results are the same.

Dodi offers a few different options for using their goods. They make and sell oil drops, gummies and vape cartridges. That way customers can choose to consume the best way for their needs. Flexibility helps the product suit the users lifestyle.

Whichever method a consumer prefers, there's assurance the product is safe and healthy. Third party labs verify the purity and potency of each batch. Test results are then posted online for public viewing. There’s no mystery or hidden pitfalls to Dodi’s merchandise. Transparency builds confidence.

Dr. Ganja carries Dodi vape carts in a range of different strains. There’s Blue Zkittlez, Banana Runtz, Grapefruit Kush and more.

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