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Product Description

Dutch Natural Healing Mint flavored CBD oil contains 825mg of CBD per 10ml bottle. It’s a full spectrum oil containing CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, terpenes and terpenoids.
Those seeking to supplement with CBD oil can enjoy the minty flavor while experiencing the anti-inflammatory and pain-soothing effects of taking CBD oil.

Product Size
10 ml 825 mg CBD.

Suggested Use
Use sublingually as needed, once or twice daily: place under the tongue and hold there for 30+ seconds before swallowing so it’s best absorbed.
Dr.Ganja recommends this to anyone who’s using CBD oil to help settle an upset stomach, as the mint flavor helps greatly with issues like nausea and stress.

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    A I wouldn’t say bottles. It all depends on your endocannbinoid system and what you’re taking it for. Depending on what you want to use CBD for I would start with about 5 to 10mg daily and make adjustments based on you feel.
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    A This item should be back in stock within about 10 days along with some other Dutch Natural products.

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  1. Dutch Natural Healing CBD Oil 825mg 10ml Mint Flavored
    5 out of 5

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    Great high-quality oil. It feels more effective than other brands I have tried. The mint flavor doesn’t really cover up the slightly funky taste, but not a big deal as the dose is only a few drops.

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