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Dutch Natural Healing’s extract is becoming well-known in the CBD industry due to its potency and use of organically-produced plants. It’s new line, called CBDactive+ is a drinkable alternative to CBD oil. The new formula is soluble in water and thus completely absorbed, whereas many traditional CBD products only have an absorption rate of 6-12%.

Additionally, CBDactive+ contains not only CBD, but all the cannabinoids and terpenes naturally produced in hemp. The terpenes found within CBDactive+: curcumin, myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, limonene, and linalool synergize together with the cannabinoids CBD, CBC, CBN, and CBG to promote the entourage effect for a balanced, powerful product.

This 10ml handy pump has an effect similar to a 40% CBD oil and can be easily used at home or taken to work, the gym, or restaurants. The flavor is unassuming and pleasant and with just a few squirts can be mixed into teas, lemonades, sodas, or any of your favorite drinks.

Product Size
10 ml

Suggested Use
Can be taken anywhere to quickly add a healing boost to your favorite drink. Start with one squirt initially to determine effects, then increase/decrease dose as necessary.

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  1. Dutch Natural Healing CBDactive+ 10ml
    Really works
    5 out of 5

    on Verified Purchase

    I’m shocked at how effective this stuff is. I have had it for a couple of months but didn’t really use it until yesterday. I have chronic lower back pain due to a spinal issue that gets worse with inflammation. Yesterday it was really bad. I used two pumps but didn’t expect much. After about an hour I realized that my pain was almost gone. Wow. Today I started feeling pain in both my back and shoulders so I used two pumps again and voila… no more pain. I have used various types of cbd with mild to moderate success. This stuff is so much better than the rest. It does have two downsides. I find the taste to be unpleasant, but eating and drinking something right afterwards and it went away. Also, I feel sleepy after using it. Honestly overall my body feels the same as taking a 800mg ibuprofen, but without any stomach irritation.

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