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Extract Labs CBD Shatter Tangie

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Tangie specific terpenes were added to this pure CBD Shatter to add some citrusy goodness to the flavor profile as well as some good, positive vibes. With a cannabidiol concentration of close to 1,000mg it’s off the charts in potency. And you may be happy to learn, that this product has 0% THC.

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In stock

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Extract Labs CBD Shatter is infused with terpenes from the popular Sativa strain, Tangie. This strain is a cross between California Orange and a Skunk hybrid. Given its terpene profile which largely consists of caryophyllene, limonene, and pinene, the effects of this product are uplifting, energizing, and happy. And the tasting notes of tangerine and citrus fill a room when you dab or vape this shatter.

Also, the large dose of CBD, which comes in at nearly 1,000mg, is enough to make anyone dance around the room. Furthermore, as a pure isolated form of cannabidiol, there’s no THC present.

Lastly, rest assured in the safety of this product as lab tests reveal it’s free of pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial contaminants. This versatile concentrate can be used in many ways making it simple to supplement with.

Product Size
1g (1000mg) 99% Pure CBD

Suggested Use
The shatter is dissolvable in a fat or oil, but it works great when dabbed or vaped.

Tangie strain-specific terpenes, 99% pure CBD isolate

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    Answered by the admin According to the manufacturer test results for this product, this item doesn't contain any thc.

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