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Foothills CBD

Specialized in High Quality Lab Tested CBD Products

Foothills CBD makes a number of different cannabidiol products for your physical health. And their wares are also good for your sense of mental well-being. They have scientifically trained staff who continually research to come up with new and better CBD solutions. In fact, other companies in various industries also utilize some of their data.

They also study other naturally occurring chemicals in the hemp plant, which may have medical value. These substances are responsible for hemp’s coloring, essence, and flavor. These other chemicals also support CBD in reducing pain, inflammation and stress.

Foothills CBD focuses on formulating, isolating, and deriving CBD from both natural sources as well as man-made. Their company’s goal is to enlighten consumers in the various facets of the science of CBD. At the same time, they want to use their knowledge base to provide the highest-quality ingredients possible for their merchandise. They then bring this commitment to knowledge, quality and process refinement to the CBD marketplace.

To comply with federal law, all their CBD products have below .033% THC content. Foothills CBD understands that the FDA doesn’t back up any claims about CBD. But the company believes that lab testing and testimony from users do indicate many real positives. Therefore, the are firmly committed to spreading information about CBD’s mental and physical benefits.

That’s also why they process CBD into sundry items for customer use. In fact, their merchandise ranges from CBD bath salts and lubricants to CBD oil and tinctures.

Dr Ganja carries a variety of Foothills CBD distillate vaporizer cartridges like Agent Orange, Tangie, Sour Diesel, and more.

Foothills CBD Products

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