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Green Roads began formulating CBD for friends and family, but now they provide possible CBD relief to the general public. They promise to help customers use CBD to live maybe their best and healthiest version of life possible. Their growing knowledge of and experience with CBD products reinforces to them just how helpful and soothing they can be.

The company extracts their CBD from industrial hemp grown only on American farms. They feel that using US farms, they can count on the highest standards and practices being used in hemp cultivation. In production, they use the latest extraction technologies to yield very clean CBD oils and isolates. Finally, they rigorously test source hemp for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbes to ensure top-quality ingredients in their CBD. All Green Roads merchandise is independently tested by third-party external labs using the strictest standards to establish quality and purity.

So that’s how Green Roads works hard to produce the highest quality, pharmacist-formulated CBD supplements possible. In fact, they want to be one of the best leading providers of such products. They are so confident about quality that their packaging comes with a QR code linked to the lab tests. Scan it with your smartphone and the laboratory results download directly for your personal review.

Green Roads creates award-winning CBD oils using a proprietary blend of ingredients – including, of course, CBD. With their own mix they make and market CBD-infused topicals, edibles and other CBD solutions. Dr. Ganja currently provides CBD candies by Green Roads.

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