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Hemp Hop Live Resin Lifter

Brands:Hemp Hop
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For a terpene-rich, CBD concentrate with uplifting effects, look no further than Hemp Hop’s Live Resin. This resin is made from the Lifter hemp strain that has a sweet lemony taste with some tasting notes of cinnamon and hops. With over 700mg of CBD and a full spectrum formula, this is a potent and super tasty extract.

In stock

In stock

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Hemp Hop created its Live CBD Resin using the much loved and highly-sought-after hemp strain, Lifter. As the name implies, this strain is happy, energetic, and uplifting. This is mainly due to its genetics, including its terpene ratio. With 19 total terpenes and a total concentration of 7.78%, the flavors and effects come on strong. And for someone who wants to dab with live resin, this is music to their ears.

The most concentrated terpenes include myrcene at 2.01%, caryophyllene at 1.87%, and humulene coming in at 0.67%. Its citrusy lemon flavors and strong potency pack a good punch. Also, in terms of its cannabinoid profile, its total CBD levels are 63.5% and the total cannabinoid potency exceeds 76%.

Other important stats about this product include the source of hemp. The company partners with small, local farms that use organic growing methods to ensure the cultivation of safe and high-quality crops. Lastly, third-party lab reports show this product is free of residual solvents, like ethanol and butane.

Product Size
1 gram approximately 700mg of CBDa and 60mg of hemp’s other major cannabinoids and terpenes

Suggested Use
Scoop a tiny bit of this live resin onto your e-nail or dab rig and inhale from the mouthpiece. Wait at least 5 to 10 minutes before taking another hit.

Full-spectrum CBD concentrate from Sour Space Candy hemp strain

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Avatar
    Posted by David S.

    on Verified Purchase

    David S. (verified owner)

    The Lifter live resin is amazing! It’s great for an Oil Rig but I personally like to put a scoop of it on some flower and smoke that way. Takes it to the next level. Either way it’s definitely worth trying. I will be buying more.

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