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Hemp Living

Hemp Living produces high-quality products in the USA for the whole world. And they do this with an eye towards affordability. Good cannabis companies want their benefits available to the most people. Therefore, low cost and high quality are the backbone of their business.

This company certainly believes in CBD and other cannabinoids. They think these natural substances can improve the lives of consumers. The best cannabis operations are run by true believers. Hemp Living feels there’s ample evidence of the advantages of hemp use on the body and mind. They view making and marketing hemp as a responsibility to their customers.

Source hemp is grown on Wisconsin farms. Everything is organic, without pesticides or any harmful chemicals. They want to ensure that their cannabinoids are clean and consistently good. Thus Hemp Living tests everything. Third-party labs give credibility to the results. That offers peace of mind to consumers of their merchandise.

CBD was Hemp Living’s original staple, but they have expanded. They also make merchandise with delta-8 and delta-10 THC. Further, they carry THCV and HHC. These newer niches in the cannabis market are increasingly popular. CBD is great for pain and stress relief. The THC derivatives give added health perks with a mild buzz. That makes them ideal for casual consumers.

The company’s dosing options are numerous. They offer carts and disposable vapes. Edibles are also available. Shoppers can find flower and pre-rolls. They even make great hemp products for pets.

Currently, Dr. Ganja has Hemp Living vaporizer cartridges for consideration. Strains available include Watermelon Kush, Northern Lights and Blue Widow.

Hemp Living Products

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