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Bogus info about CBD concerns the folks at Hemplucid. Exaggerated claims made by some competitors may mislead unwary consumers. CBD has reported benefits for many physical and mental conditions. CBD may be good, but it can’t cure everything.

The company strives to better educate consumers. They believe that users should know all about hemp. This will allow buyers to make educated decisions about CBD use. Hemplucid commits to promoting CBD’s positive effects. So, they are not just taking advantage of the latest trend, they truly believe in CBD.

Their other concern is quality. Hemplucid wants customers to trust their CBD products. Consequently, they only use hemp from Colorado certified organic farms. Thus their source material comes from experienced growers with good quality control.

Hemplucid carefully oversees production of their CBD products. The hemp they use is very rich in terpenes with high CBD concentrations. It is also replete with secondary cannabinoids. Further, their super-critical CO2 extraction method makes safe and solvent-free high quality CBD vape juice.

Hemplucid applies strict quality guidelines to each batch of their CBD. They promise that all their products are completely pesticide-free. Neither will they allow trans fats, synthetic ingredients, or artificial additives.

And Hemplucid holds itself accountable. They publish certificate of analysis for every batch of CBD they make. Also, packaging has printed lot numbers so customers can look up test results on their website. Plus, they put scannable QR codes on all CBD items that link to their lot code page.

Dr Ganja currently carries several Hemplucid CBD vape juice items.

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