Product Description

Johnny Apple CBD’s Dabber’s Wax-Live Resin is a beast both in name and in effects. This golden-brown resin has users feeling its potent pain-killing properties immediately after consumption.

Live Resin is a hemp concentrate that is often considered one of the finest forms of concentrate due to its manufacturing process: directly after harvest, the plant is flash frozen and then extracted. This allows much more of the natural terpenes found within the plant to be incorporated into the concentrate… something which other concentrates can’t boast about due to the drying process. These terpenes don’t just lend additional beneficial effects to hemp, but flavor and smell as well.

This live resin gives off a fresh, earthy smell upon opening and is accentuated by piney and almost nutty notes upon consumption.

Product Size
2 grams 1700mg CBD.

Suggested Use
Dab with your favorite rig or pen; Dr.Ganja recommends beginning to dab at a low temperature for best results.

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  1. Johnny Apple CBD Live Resin
    Safety Seal
    1 out of 5

    on Verified Purchase

    There’s no safety seal on it so I’m giving it a one. And I wish I had seen the other review.
    Dr.Ganja Response
    Hey, that’s just how it’s packaged by the manufacturer.

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  2. Johnny Apple CBD Live Resin
    1 out of 5

    on Verified Purchase

    I did most like it at all. The taste was terrible. It gives me a headache, I’ve tried a few times and got a headache everytime.

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