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Dosing with delta-8 THC is like using marijuana light. Kinda High Hemp chose their name to reflect that. Delta-9 THC has strong psychotropic effects. But for those who want the benefits without so much buzz, there’s an alternative. That alternative is delta-8 THC.

Some health companies base their claims on pseudoscience and questionable statements. Kinda High Hemp follows the science. Regarding delta-8 THC, there is evidence that shows that it can benefit users. Delta-8 is very effective when it comes to stress and pain relief. Actually, the cannabis extract has numerous positive health benefits. Other conditions potentially helped by delta-8 include loss of appetite, nausea and anxiety.

Because of its medicinal qualities, Kinda High Hemp employed leading scientists. Their job was to help them come up with a balanced formula. The recipe that they came up with attunes terpenes and cannabinoids. That way users can choose their mood by the specific effects that they want to get. The company names its vaping products things like Create, Chill, Sleep and Relieve. Their designations depend on their specific benefit.

To ensure purity and potency, Kinda High Hemp used only the best ingredients. That begins with the source hemp. And it includes everything that goes into their various formulas. They search the world over to find just the right ingredients. Further, they publish their content data so that there’s complete transparency. The company wants users assured of the safety and quality of the goods that they sell.

Dr. Ganja offers Kinda High Hemp vape cartridges in several flavors. Currently stocked are Sour Pebbles, Bubble Gum AK and Strawberry Lemon Haze.

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