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ID Card

Carrying your certificate around with you, especially when folded in your pocket, wallet or purse, can lead to it being lost, torn, crumpled and possibly unreadable. After this wear and tear, you might have to purchase a replacement sooner than a year when it expires. Why not purchase one of our compact and stylish medical marijuana cards which are laminated for protection and will easily fit into your wallet or credit card slot. This way you can leave your certificate in a safe place at home and proudly show of  your certified Dr.Ganja ID card. If you would like to convert your recommendation certificate to a marijuana ID card we can to that for you for an additional $20. Please note that the marijuana ID card has no additional power from a certificate, it’s more of a convenience thing. To request an ID card call us at 877-374-2652 or request one when you are getting your marijuana recommendation certificate.

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