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CBD consumers created the company Oleo back in 2015, in Seattle, Washington. They were unhappy with what they themselves were finding on the CBD market. The company felt that some other CBD products had unpleasant flavor and even contained questionable ingredients. They also found it frustrating to find CBD supplements to take on-the-go. Since they enjoyed hiking, biking, and running, they wanted to make a more effective way of consuming CBD while active.

They developed their own proprietary technology to convert hemp extract into a powder that dissolves quickly and completely in water. Flavorless, the CBD powder has no bitter aftertaste. Using the best organically grown industrial hemp available from small farms in Colorado, Oleo extracts the CBD. Then, they triple-test the CBD for quality and safety using accredited third-party labs. Finally, they post the results for every single product they make.

OleoCBD technology is supposedly so distinctive and effective that they have even trademarked it. That reportedly means CBD products made with it are more water soluble, better tasting, and use higher quality ingredients. Also, using OleoCBD guarantees that dosing information is consistent and reliable.

Although other companies are free to license and use OleoCBD, their own products are held to a high standard. Oleo’s reputation for faster absorbing, better tasting, high quality CBD is something they have worked hard to develop. They assure consumers that they use no artificial binding ingredients. What they do use include good manufacturing practices to produce the best CBD they possibly can and thorough quality control.

Here at Dr. Ganja you will find Oleo single-serve drink packets, teas, as well as coconut and unflavored drink mixes.

Oleo CBD Products

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