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This company offers a variety of delta-8 merchandise. They believe in cannabis efficacy. Plush Berry makes different hemp dosing options to give their customers choices. Further, they focus on quality so that users can feel good about choosing their brand. Selection and standards set them apart from companies just trying to cash in on the latest fad.

Delta-8 from hemp is exploding in popularity. People like it for the full effects without the excessive high. Consumers don’t want the buzz, but they do want effective pain and stress relief. Plush Berry thinks delta-8 is the right way to get good effects without getting wasted. Thus, they invest everything into making and marketing several different solutions.

Among Plush Berry’s wares are edibles, concentrates and vape carts. Edibles give longer, time-released relief. Concentrates are stronger and more immediate. And vaping works wonders for on-the-go and convenient dosing. So, customers can choose the dosing method that suits them the best.

Nobody wants to consume cannabis with contaminants. Third-party labs verify the safety and quality of all Plush Berry’s products. That way users can have confidence that there are no pesticides or anything harsh. They use only pure plants and strict manufacturing standards always and ever.

And all their goods are widely legal because they contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC.

Dr Ganja stocks several Plush Berry vape carts and concentrates. There are several great strains to choose from. White Widow, Runtz, Pineapple Express and more are available in either dosing method.

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