Please note that for your renewal we can also do confidential private appointments at your home or office. Please call 877-374-2652 for pricing. We serve the West Los Angeles area, including such cities as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Westwood, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey and others.

What do you do when your marijuana card is about to expire? Just make an appointment for our West Hollywood office and we will renew it for you with our prompt and professional service. Even if you received your marijuana card from another qualified medical professional, we will be happy to renew it when you bring in the appropriate paperwork.

Before you arrive at the office, please make sure you have a current California Driver’s License or California ID. If you were originally evaluated by us, then we will have your information stored in our records. If you are renewing from another licensed doctor, then you need to bring in your original card to qualify. We highly recommend you bring in your medical records, but it is not necessary unless you are under the age of 21.

Once you arrive at the West Hollywood office, indicate that you are a Renewal and please show your ID and any medical records to our staff. If you were evaluated elsewhere, then you also need to give the staff your original certificate or marijuana card and you will be given renewal paperwork to complete.

When you are called to the doctor’s office, you will be medically evaluated by the medical marijuana doctor to assess whether you qualify for a renewal. If you do not, then your evaluation is free. If you do qualify, return to the receptionist, pay the fee, and receive your renewal certificate. The certificate can be used in any California dispensary and with any law enforcement personnel. For an additional fee you can have that certificate converted to a compact and stylish medical marijuana card, please visit our Marijuana ID Card page for more information.

Once out of the office, you are certified for another year and can start using your medical marijuana recommendation immediately. We hope that our service and courtesy will keep you coming back to us when you need a renewal for the following year.