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Can a company prosper by centering its efforts around customers and providing an easy way to improve lives through CBD? Sauc CBD thinks so. They fully invest in the notion that CBD provides relief for many who suffer from restlessness, anxiety, and physical ailments. Further, they believe that CBD offers a healthier, non-addicting alternative to pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Sauc’s big into vaping CBD. They see evidence that it’s the most popular and effective way to consume CBD and achieve near immediate effects. Thus, they make and market vaporizing pen devices, pods and e-liquids. The company advertises its vaping equipment as uniquely lead-free, leak and clog proof. They see them as more than just vape pens, more like cannabinoid delivery systems to speed customers relief.

One claim they make is that the source hemp used in their CBD offerings goes through years of rigorous testing. They say they isolate particular hemp phenotypes to improve and purify their genes. The hoped-for result, they say, is higher quality CBD in its wares. That means more effectiveness for users. They want their CBD supplements to be worry-free and user friendly for both newbies and experienced CBD consumers. So, they promise that the CBD they sell has zero THC, is full-spectrum, and made with meticulous manufacturing techniques.

Another plus they promote has to do with their terpene profiles. Because of their genetic control measures, they insist they have some of the most flavorful terpene profiles in the business.

Dr. Ganja currently stocks a variety of pods and liquids by the Sauc company.

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