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Specialized in CBD Products for Skin, Body and Hair

ShiKai does organic topicals – that’s it. By specializing, the company feels that they can bring focused quality to the products that they offer. Dr. Dennis Sepp, an organic chemist, named his company after shikakai, a traditional Indian herbal ingredient used in cleaning hair. Since 1970, the company has been building on their experience with natural ingredients – and now they also offer CBD-infused products.

They only use pure, odorless and colorless CBD isolate in their topical merchandise. And they want to assure their customers that everything they make is completely THC-free and non-psychoactive. Further, they promise that there is up to 125mg of pure CBD isolate in every ounce of their skin solutions.

ShiKai feels that CBD is a good fit with the rest of their herbal products because it’s natural and healthful. Dr. Sepp and his company believe there is ample evidence of the medical benefits of cannabidiol. According to many reports, CBD works with your body’s own natural systems to balance function, alleviate pain and lessen inflammation. Also, CBD allegedly dials down stressors for better mental and emotional functioning.

Cannabinoids found in hemp plants react identically to those produced within the human body. So, CBD from hemp seems like a safe natural alternative to chemical pharmaceuticals with far less risk. That’s the company’s reasoning behind including CBD items along with their many other herbal, organic topical products. Thus, they offer several different CBD-infused creams and lotions for soothing relief.

Dr. Ganja currently stocks and sells ShiKai odorless and colorless CBD body lotion.

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