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Delta-8 THC vaping is what Trap House is all about. Many cannabis companies diversify their product line. This company instead decided to focus like a laser on vaping the milder form of THC. They feel this precise concentration supports better quality production of their cartridges.

They want customers to feel confident when they dose with their carts. And they want their wares to provide potent effects for users. So Trap House uses only the best source hemp plants in manufacturing. They check the purity of their plants throughout the process. 3rd party labs verify every claim that they make. Then they publish everything online for full transparency.

Trap House offers a variety of different strains. They divide their carts between sativas, hybrids, and indicas. Sativas give an energetic boost. Indicas are more relaxing. Hybrids provide balance.

Delta-8 is a growing phenomenon. Cannabis consumers are flocking to this cannabinoid. That’s because it offers similar benefits to delta-9 THC. Yet the initial high is less. After a brief buzz, the effects remain. Because it is much milder, most users can dose with Trap House cartridges throughout the day.

Though delta-8 isn’t as regulated, there are some local or state laws that may prohibit its use. It’s best to verify its legal status. Also any form of THC may result in a positive drug test. Those are some things that informed customers should be aware of.

Dr. Ganja features a number of different trap house strains. Carts are available in Tropicana Cookies, Strawberry Cough, and many more.

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