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Bearly Legal Hemp

Some people find bears hairy and scary. Bearly Legal Hemp is neither of those things. The company has a bear mascot, and they make quality cannabis consumables. Vapes and smokes are their business. From potent plants they produce different cannabinoid concoctions.

CBD from hemp is well-established. Bearly Legal Hemp goes beyond. They make and market delta-8, THC-O and HHC merchandise. They want to be on the forefront of the new wave in cannabis. And that wave is exploiting the potential of lesser-known cannabinoids.

Delta-8 has been on the rise for some time now. Users like the briefer buzz but lasting benefits. Now we have THC-O. This cannabinoid is psychoactive. It is also legal as most places only regulate THC. It’s becoming popular in places where consumers cannot get traditional cannabis. It has similar benefits to regular THC. HHC is very similar. Both compounds offer pain relief and peace of mind.

Bearly Legal Hemp gives customers choices in how to dose its wares. They have hemp cigarettes with delta-8. They have carts with THC-O. And they have HHC cartridges. Thus, shoppers can find different cannabinoids in different delivery methods. Options in dosing give users control over their own experience. That’s freedom.

Quality is a concern for the company and consumers alike. They publish 3rd-party lab results online to assure users that their hemp is good and safe. Peace of mind with every single puff.

Dr. Ganja now stocks an array of Bearly Legal Hemp carts. With THC-O there is Gorilla Glue and Granddaddy Purple. And with HHC you can find strains like Banana Kush and Blue Dream.