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CBD Distillate | Raw Distillate | Rawbar

CBD distillate is now available! Dr.Ganja brings to you the best in cannabis concentrates. Made with the purest organic hemp compounds, the Rawbar selection is unbeatable in effects and price. Your journey in finding high quality products has brought you here. The safer option is always the best and will bring to you the desired effects you yearn for!

Raw distillate is prime. Buying from Rawbar takes you straight to your most cost-effective options for daily users. These versatile products allow for many types of consumption. Always consume as you enjoy, in its raw form or combined with your own creative formulations.

Concentrates are the best for creativity. When you buy CBD distillate, you can make your own edibles or topicals for your particular desired potency and taste. Day by day you will be able to consume under the tongue or with your favorite foods and drinks. Topicals absorb through the largest organ in your body, your skin! Making topicals is great to experience soothing for dry skin and muscles aches.

Dabbing or vaping concentrated hemp sauce is convenient when you buy bulk CBD distillate. It allows for discrete consumption as it produces almost odorless vapor. And best of all, the effects are near instantaneous for faster and longer lasting relief. When you get the best purity in a product, the vapor will not be as harsh. This will reduce discomfort and will save your lungs in the long run.

Enjoy making your own CBD distillate cartridge. This way you will know that you are vaping a safe and completely pure product. The purity will knock your socks off! It will also bring you greater satisfaction knowing you can make your own carts anytime you like. All you need is a clean syringe, cartridges and a heat source to make the distillate more fluid.

Vaping your own creations will be easier on the lungs than smoking bud flowers. It will also keep you satisfied for longer amounts of time as it is astonishingly potent. Due to this, new users should use very small amounts for desired effects. Once you have found your best level of enjoyment, you can increase amounts vaped throughout the day.

Buying in larger amounts makes more sense when you have particular wellness aims. And it will stretch your hard earned money much further. That is why customization is the key! Having this option will grant you the ability to add your own botanical or hemp based terpenes. You can increase your experience with your very own array of exciting flavors in your concentrates. The ability to use a diverse array of terpenes will also heighten your experience not only through flavor, but effects as well. They play an essential role in the direction and longevity of your experience. Plus, you can choose your preferred delivery system every time.

If you are new to working with raw distillate, prepare for excitement. You will find that it will make your life easier to be able to enjoy your hemp in various ways. It does have a somewhat solid texture, but you can heat the jar to make it more pliable. This way will make it more effortless to work with. Be sure to work with silicon or stainless steel tools and rubber spatulas to help the process become more effortless.

Always be sure to store your favorite distillates in a cool, dry area. Keep it away from direct sunlight to preserve its integrity and to keep it from melting into a sticky mess.

We weigh raw hemp distillate accurately to ensure purity content. Most jars contain 28 grams or 1 oz of a hemp compound that you choose. Dr.Ganja provides the best choices in flavorless and flavored sauces. Each jar can contain up to 99% cannabinoid purity. This ensures you the most pure and potent experience around.

Psychotropic effects and wellness benefits increase with the Rawbar experience. Cannabinoids are fully activated and ready to ingest immediately. The refinement process varies as will the color of the product. Colors will always show how refined the product is.

Look for a lighter amber color and clarity. Flaws are obvious and are immediately noticeable. If you see real dark colors, green tint or foggy blackness, these are definite signs that quality is low. It is good to be aware of these signs when making your distillate purchases.

Clarity is a good indicator of a well executed extraction and distillation process, as well. If the distillate appears cloudy and not completely translucent, it probably is not high quality.

Translucency will ensure that your hemp products have minimal impurities. And that is how you know that the Dr.Ganja brand only brings to you the quality you deserve in your hemp products. When you buy Dr.Ganja, you are selecting a top-shelf product. It is clean, effective and the best price distillate product every time.

And that is why with Dr.Ganja, you can rest assured that you are getting a proper high quality product. We double check for quality and hold ourselves accountable. If it’s not the best of the best, we won’t sell it. You can see for yourself! We also always offer full paneled Certificate of Analysis documentation for complete authenticity.

CBD distillate will always meet your high expectations and offer you diversity in your cannabis enjoyment. You can also choose from diverse cannabinoids such as Delta 8 THC, HHC and THC-O. Try blends like the D8/Delta 10 THC mix or D9 with THCP mix or straight THCA sugar wax for an added kick to your sesh.

THCA concentrate is yet another exciting addition to the Dr.Ganja Rawbar selection. THCA hash can be enjoyed like any other products you find in the Rawbar lineup. Experience THCA sugar wax in a dab kit, vaporize it, smoke it or add it to your favorite foods or beverages.

You might be asking yourself is THCA legal? THCA is not illegal and is not classified as a controlled substance on the federal level. In fact, THCA hash is growing in popularity and is currently in high demand. And that is why Dr.Ganja is bringing you the best THCA concentrate on the market today!

And if adding terpenes is just not your thing, we have you covered. Concentrates are now available with strain specific terpenes in single or cannabinoid blends. This way you can enjoy your favorite flavored strains and their effects.

If you are wanting more out of your hemp products, then look no further! We have the best assorted hemp compound Rawbar selection around! So prepare yourself for the ultimate longer lasting and more complex hemp experience.