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Cascade CBD Flower Review

Posted by Nate Allen on

Hey again! This is Nate with the Dr.Ganja team, reviewing one of our new CBD flower strains, Cascade!


As usual the package containing my Dr.Ganja CBD flower was inconspicuous. Inside, other than the packing peanuts and test results, my CBD hemp flower was double wrapped: first inside a mylar bag and then an additional air-sealed plastic baggy, to ensure privacy and no smell. I opened both the cardboard box and the first air-sealed baggy to see if I could catch a whiff of anything in particular…. nope, nada.


In my order I received the safety and potency test results of the CBD flower was about to sample, this batch of Cascade came in at 14.39% CBD.

CBD Flower Quality

Cascade hemp flower is long and wispy. The 3.5g product I received contained three good-sized nugs that reminded me of weeping willows. Long, wiry leaves with a wintergreen hue wrapped with orange hairs. Maybe I’m a little weird, but this strain is pretty.

Depending upon the parents (it has to do with whether the parents are dominantly sativa or indica, long, narrow leaves are sativas and thicker, shorter leaves are usually indica), you either get CBD flower that resembles stocky, crystallized broccoli in appearance or, you get a tied-up Christmas tree sans rope. Dr.Ganja Cascade is the latter of the two.

No seeds were to be found among the nugs and the Dr.Ganja CBD flower seemed to be cured properly.


Cascade CBD Flower isn’t as aromatic as some of the other Dr.Ganja hemp strains and I like that. Sometimes I want to smoke my favorite CBD flower strain when my vape isn’t handy, but the smell of combustion is so skunky that I attract every pair of eyeballs within a 50 foot radius. Cascade is no such beast; rather, the smell is grassy and hay-like. To those who prefer to be more discreet, Dr.Ganja Cascade CBD flower may be your go-to strain.


Due to the dense nature of Cascade noted above, it burns best once it is thoroughly ground up. A few times I tried to break it apart with my hands to roll a joint and I could not keep the resulting cigarette lit. However, breaking it up well in a grinder seemed to a provide a nice and even smoke.

The odor of the smoke, as expected, is very similar to its “bag smell.” Not as distinct as other strains and this is preferable if you’re on the go. 


If you want to taste the Cascade hemp flower to its fullest, definitely use a vaporizer. The clean taste comes out much better than in a joint. 


I heard that Cascade had a nice sativa-esque, uplifting effect so I smoked some before heading to the gym. Some notes:

Upon finishing my smoke, I was accompanied by a very brief but pleasant headrush.

My left arm was bothering me that morning, and after a cup of coffee and a little Cascade, I completely forgot about the pain until later that night.

Ended up spending a half an hour longer at the gym than I usually do. Felt very energetic, it was a good day!

I find that some CBD strains make me constantly yawn or feel like my body would melt if I could find a sofa, but Cascade doesn’t do this to me. This is the early morning strain I was looking for.


Cascade CBD Hemp Flower is like the jack of all trades. It doesn’t shine in any particular department, but it smells good, tastes good, and has great uplifting effects. For me, Cascade worked wonders as an early morning strain with the energy and pain-numbing effects. Most of the CBD strains I’ve encountered have a tendency to make me sleepy. This is not one of those, Cascade perks me up.

The unoffensive smell makes Cascade very convenient, and from the many times I’ve smoked it, a splash of cologne and a breath mint later and none were the wiser. For this reason alone I love Cascade.

If you want to give Cascade a try, you can find her here: click me!

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