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ELLZ Original Pre Rolls Review

The convenience of hemp pre rolls is awesome, no doubt. But when you find a company that hand rolls its flower in an organic, novelty, rolling paper, you know you’ve struck gold.

CBD For Life Rub Lemongrass Review

When your skin needs a little bit of TLC or your muscles need a lot of relief, where do you turn? If you didn’t say, “a CBD topical” then you’re missing out on some good stuff. Especially, this lemongrass scented rub by CBD For Life.

Lazarus Naturals 50mg Full Spectrum CBD Softgels Review

Many cannabis users like to dose with full spectrum CBD because it contains all of hemp’s terpenes and cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC. The upside to this is the benefit of the entourage effect, which enhances the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol.

Dr.Ganja CBG Flower Review

Users on this website have some idea of what Dr. Ganja is all about. For one, the company offers a wide variety of hemp-derived cannabis products at great prices. They also provide pure and potent, lab-tested products to consumers.

Medterra CBD Pet Calming Chews Review

If you have a pet, then you’ve experienced the unconditional love they often give. So, when it comes to keeping them healthy or helping them heal from injury or anxiousness, it’s essential to find something safe, natural, and that actually works.

3Chi Pineapple Express Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Review

Chi is the Chinese word for life force. That’s the genesis of the name of 3Chi, the company. The inspiration for this name came from the beneficial nature of cannabis and physical and mental well-being.

Dr.Ganja Cultivar Partners CBG Flower Review

To all the CBD hemp smokers out there, have you tried CBG flower yet? Like CBD, this cannabinoid has a lot of amazing health-promoting properties. There’s some overlap but also some unique attributes to CBG that stand out.

What is Delta 8 THC?

This is a guide to help you learn about what Delta 8 THC is, how it differs from Delta 9 and the benefits that come along with it.

3Chi Delta 8 THC Gelato Vape Cartridge 1ml Review

The glorious plant properties of Delta 8 THC and Gelato specific terpenes merge as one in 3Chi’s vape cartridge. It’s a tasty way to enjoy this hemp cannabinoid in a vaping format, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ll want to check out this review.

Bubba Kush Smalls Review – From Package to Puff

With the now public acceptance and widespread use of cannabidiol (CBD) in its various forms, there aren’t many mediums CBD has not made its way into for consumption.

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb Love Review

Who doesn’t love a nice hot bath to end a long day at work or a busy day spent with the kiddos? You deserve some much-needed relaxation and alone time, am I right? If you’re with me so far, then you’ll want to check out this review on the Kush Queen CBD “Love” Bath Bomb.

Urb Delta-8 Nano-Gummies Review

As a longtime cannabis consumer, I do like me some edibles. While I enjoy smoking and vaping, edibles offer a different experience. Ingesting offers slower release than inhaling. And the relief lasts longer. Edibles are also more discreet for public use.

Top CBD Products for Anxiety

Anxiety sucks - in fact, anxiety even changes the chemistry of your brain, which changes the chemistry of you…and no one wants that! Yet, you’re probably thinking - well, anxiety can’t just be washed away with a simple pill. I totally get it. I mean, I get anxiety just when I am walking through large crowds because it feels so overwhelming.
CBD Terpenes

What Are Terpenes And What Do They Do?

The smell is unmistakable: just as you're walking past your favorite donut shop, a red-eyed customer exits the store... and WHAM! His smell punches you directly in the face. To some, a simple whiff of the skunky aroma is enough to leave them drooling... but to others it can be overpowering and obtrusive.

CBD Oil For Cancer: Can It Work To Kill The Elusive Disease?

Unless a CBD product is approved by the FDA as a drug, no one can claim that CBD cures, treats, or prevents any kind of disease. Yet, that doesn’t mean this special cannabinoid doesn’t have therapeutic value. Based on current data and research, CBD exhibits many kinds of beneficial properties.

CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD : All You Need to Know

While browsing CBD products, you may have come across the terms “CBD Isolate” or “Full Spectrum.” With the amazing array of choices regarding CBD products that we have on Dr.Ganja, knowing exactly what you’re buying is crucial.

How You Can Use CBD to Quit Smoking

Smoking affects 14 of every 100 adults every day. The best way to start this is to explain how nicotine affects the body and how this habit has gotten so many Americans addicted. Nicotine dependence is the term used and related to the addiction to nicotine other words tobacco more commonly in the form of a cigarette.
ELLZ Original Pre Rolls Review

ELLZ Original Pre Rolls Review

The convenience of hemp pre rolls is awesome, no doubt. But when you find a company that hand rolls its flower in an organic, novelty, rolling paper, you know you’ve struck gold.