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The choicest vape sessions are had when you use the best vape pen battery or hardware that grants excellent flavor transfer and generous vapor production. The best vape hardware online can be found here as we have carefully selected premium vaporizers to meet your specific needs. Each brand has been chosen for their long battery life, 510 thread compatibility, USB charging and smart design. Explore our great selection of vaporizers and treat yourself to a quality vape sesh.

What is a vape?

A vape is an electronic device that has been specifically designed for the purpose of heating substances, such as CBD vape juice or concentrate, so that it can transform into vapor and then be inhaled. Vapes require a battery to activate the vaporization process.

What is vape hardware?

There are several thousand different vape pens, but they all have similar essential components.

  • Battery: The battery powers the device and activates the coil to vaporize vape juice or concentrate. Batteries can be integrated into the device or are removable.
  • A mod or device: This is considered the housing of the device. It is where the battery and other components are contained. Some devices are simple and settings are fixed. Other devices are built with LED screens and enable control of temperature, voltage, wattage and much more.
  • Atomizer: The atomizer is where the vape juice or concentrate vaporizes. Three main parts of the atomizer are the coil, the wick or cotton and the tank.

What are the types of CBD vaporizer designs?

Most vapes that are used specifically for hemp products are small vape pens that have low voltage settings. But, there are two main types that are referred to as desktops and portables. Portables range in size. Some are easy to place in your pocket and some are a little larger, but can still be considered portable. CBD vape pens come in pre-fills, pod mod systems that can be refilled or have 510 threaded compatibility. They are mostly small, perfect for stealth vaping, discreet and affordable. Desktops, like the Volcano, are basically placed in your established vape sesh territory. These sometimes offer convection heating to efficiently extract CBD from the flower. They have several settings in order to get your vape sesh just right and are also designed with tubes, whips or vaporizer bags.

How do you find the best high-quality vape battery?

Check out our list of 5 basic things to consider when you are attempting to find the best vape battery for the most excellent vape experiences you crave.

  1. First and foremost, when it is time to make your first vape battery purchase you will want to purchase one from a well-known reputable company. Your safety is of the utmost importance, so don’t mess around.
  2. Carefully research the mAh battery size because long battery life is essential for your vaping convenience.
  3. Ask yourself if you require discreet vaping and portability?
  4. Do you prefer permanent settings or do you want to be able to change voltage levels to maximize flavor transfer and vapor production for every vape session?
  5. Price is always a factor. But, when making your purchase, consider it a long-term investment. It is more than worth the extra few dollars to purchase a durable product that will have a longer life than purchasing a cheaper product that will disappoint you in the short term.