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What Is Vape Hardware?

Vape hardware is a category of different CBD vaping devices. One of the most common vaping devices is the 510-thread battery. Many vape cartridges, pods, and tanks are compatible with a 510-threaded battery. Some popular types of vaporizers that fall under this category include; CCELL battery, CCELL palm battery, and the Exxus vape battery, a type of variable voltage battery.

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What are the main components of a CBD vaporizer?

  • Battery: This is the part of the vaporizer that serves as the power source.
  • Reservoir: This component of the vaporizer holds the vape juice/e-liquid. Some vape pens are only compatible with pre-filled cartridges. Whereas, other types of vaporizers let you refill the tank over and over again with the vape juice or e-liquid of your choice.
  • Coil: This part of the vaporizer is the heating element.

Types of Vaporizer Designs

The two main options you see for CBD vaping devices are — vape battery pens and vaporizers. As the name indicates, the vape pen is slender, sleek, and fairly discrete. They fit in most jacket and pant pockets for convenient on-the-go use. In contrast, vaporizers are generally larger in size and fit into your hand like a small brick.

Voltage and Battery Life: Vape Pen Battery vs Vaporizer

Vape pens hold around 0.5 to 1ml of vape juice and operate at around 3.3 volts. On a vaping device, voltage indicates the strength of the hit. Pens are built for ‘lighter’ hits because of their lower voltage settings. The battery life of a vape pen is measured in milliamp hours, with the abbreviation, mAh. You’ll find vape pens with a battery life of around 240 mAh to 650 mAh. The higher the number, the longer the battery will hold its charge. Vaporizers, on the other hand, generally have a higher maximum voltage, up to 4.8 volts in some cases. This allows vape users to take bigger hits and therefore achieve stronger effects. Vaping at a high voltage is best for experienced consumers. If you’re a beginner, start with a lower voltage and then gradually increase your way up. Voltage numbers also matter when it comes to buying the right vape cartridge or vape pod. If your reservoir is only compatible with prefilled vape cartridges, then you’ll have to look at the maximum voltage on each vape cartridge to see if it’s a match for your device. Furthermore, voltage matters when it comes to the taste of your vapor. If the voltage is set higher than the vape cart recommends, it could burn the oil and mess up your toke. Lastly, a larger vaporizer generally has a better battery life than a vape pen. To gauge the battery life of a vaporizer look at the abbreviation mAh. You can expect to find CBD vaporizers in the range of 450 mAh to 1000 mAh. The higher the number, the longer the battery life.

How to Find a High-Quality Vape Battery

The answer you’ve all been waiting for, right?

To start your search for the perfect vape battery, grab a pen and notepad. Write down the answers to these following questions and considerations:

  • Do you prefer a sleek and discreet vape pen or a larger vaporizer with a better battery life?
  • If you picked the hand-help vaporizer, decide whether you want to buy one that’s compatible with a vape cartridge or has a reservoir/tank that you can refill with your own vape juice or e-liquid.
  • Check the voltage levels. If you’re new to CBD vaping, start with a voltage around 3.3v. Then make sure the vape cartridge or e-liquid that you’re about to buy can vaporize at this voltage level, without burning.
  • Consider battery life. Do you love or hate to recharge your electronic devices? It might not be a big deal for some of you, but for others, a long battery life is priority number one. In this case, find some vape hardware with a 500 mAh battery or higher.
  • Finally, consider the price. If you’re new to vaping and want to try it out without investing a ton of money, consider a 510-thread battery like the Exxus VV vape battery or the CCELL battery.