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Get a premium CBD cart, pod or disposable vape pen to get your daily dose of cannabinoid goodness! Vape cartridges offer an abundance of assorted and exceptional flavors to savor. Additionally, vape carts also provide the fastest transfer of cannabinoids into your body for almost immediate results. Discover your favorite flavors and effects within our enormous selection of the highest quality brands in the hemp industry today. Try a pre-filled THCA cart or one of the many well-thought-out blends available. Build your collection with several pods or disposable pens that provide different effects good for different parts of your day. Plus, ensure ultimate flavor and vapor production from your cartridges by putting a 510 threaded battery in your shopping cart!

Vapor Cartridges And Pod Systems

Vape cartridges, also referred to as “carts”, are small cylindrical tanks that are filled with hemp cannabinoid distillates. A full THCA cart has a specific design meant to attach to 510 threaded batteries. All that a vapor cartridge requires is that the battery has a full charge and you can begin to vape. The simplest of vape pens do not have variable voltage and are not difficult to use. In fact, their design is meant to offer the best tasting vape experience with an extremely minimalist system.

To understand how vape pens work, one must take the voltage curve into consideration. The voltage curve allows us to know how many volts travel through the battery and into the coil during activation. When the voltage is high, dab carts can produce more vapor. The vapor production will feel hot and will hit the throat much like a cigarette. Lower voltages will produce less vapor and somewhat cooler hits. And this is why variable voltage and temperature control systems are extremely popular throughout the vape community. They allow for specific optimization of flavor and vapor production for each individual vaper’s preference.

However, it is important to remember one key aspect of vape cartridges or dab pen carts. It is best practice to avoid overheating the coil. Long consecutive draws on a vape cart will overwork the coil. This can cause the coil to burn the liquid, which will result in really disgusting tasting hits. This can also cause the cart to clog. Both situations will cause the cart to be impossible to enjoy. It is at this point where the voltage curve comes into play. It does not allow continuous voltage to run through the battery to the coil for longer than a few seconds. After the set time interval, the volts will slowly decrease and will save your coil from its total demise. This reduces stress on the coil and will preserve flavor quality for the life of the cartridge.

THCA Vape Carts

Although you will not find a THC cart on the Dr.Ganja website, there are countless popular hemp carts. In fact, we have an incredible selection of all the best vapor cartridges in the hemp industry. Great brands such as ELLZ, 3CHI, Canna River, Skyhio, Delta Effex and many many more. All vape carts offer a vast variety of cannabinoids with an exceptional array of terpenes for brilliant effects and flavors. One can find full spectrum or broad spectrum carts with special blends to promote specific effects similar to that of hybrids, sativa or indica flowers.

As a result of the ever growing hemp vape cart industry, there are always fresh new blends rolling out. This includes products like diamond distillates, live resin and even a THCA vape cart or two can be found. Most of these carts are a delightful collection of several cannabinoids. As a result, one can enjoy the speciality of the entourage effect, which is what makes these blends so remarkable. One can place confidence in receiving high grade products that will satisfy taste buds while supplying a kind sweet chill.

Dab Pen Carts

Dabs are another type of hemp concentrate that can be found in a range of different consistencies. To do a dab usually necessitates a dab rig and a dab nail. The dab nail is crucial because high temperatures are key to vaporize a dab for inhalation. Dabs are quite sticky and can be frustrating to work with for beginners learning how to work with their new gear. There can be quite a learning curve, but thankfully new innovations are always making things a bit easier for everyone. And that is where dab carts come in extremely handy for those who would like to enjoy various dab concentrates.

Live resin, terp sauce, wax and diamond blends are being introduced and just like a THCA vape cart, they are super convenient. They look like your everyday vape and are ready to use right out of the packaging. Some come in carts are compatible with 510 threaded batteries and some are disposable vapes with pre-charged batteries. And the best part about these user-friendly vaporizers is their potency. A few hits is all it takes to raise the chill vibes that will endure for a satisfying amount of time. High concentrate dabs are quite the money saver and they taste great. Plus, it is still quite discreet due to the fact that it is nearly odorless and dissipates quickly.

Alt Cannabinoids

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the hemp industry has been actively working towards bringing forth new cannabinoids. Afterall, the hemp plant is such a diverse plant with an epic amount of compounds that are still mostly unknown. There is so much potential to uncover for recreational enjoyment, as well as a holistic alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. Hemp will always offer the best alt noids such as CBD cart no THC.

Dr.Ganja creates a welcoming atmosphere for you to safely enjoy the merry world of hemp with countless alt noid variations and blends. Of course you will not find a THC cartridge. But the wide array of compounds coming to the market is made clear within hemp vape carts. Enjoy a myriad of effects when you delve into hemp derived cannabinoids with the versatility of vape carts that bring you an expansive amount of flavors and potencies. With such a wide range of uncompromising high quality hemp products, there is something for everyone to enjoy!