CBG Flower

The CBG cannabinoid in hemp is one of the most popular “cannabis-related” searches on the web. CBG, or cannabigerol, is a major phytochemical in the plant. There are more than 100 of these compounds, yet cannabigerol ranks at the top in terms of its therapeutic potential. CBG flower is one of the most common ways to supplement with this cannabinoid. You can find it in large quantities within high CBG hemp strains. It’s non-intoxicating, non-addictive, and deemed generally safe for consumption, just like CBD. Cannabigerol is one of the first cannabinoids to be produced by the cannabis plant. Hence, it has a very important role in the chemical structure of cannabis plants.

Is CBG legal?

Yes, CBG that derives from hemp strains is legal at the U.S. federal level. Not many marijuana strains have high concentrations of CBG anyway, because they’re often bred to produce high levels of THC. So, running into an issue of accidently buying a marijuana versus a hemp strain with large concentrations of cannabigerol is pretty unlikely.

On the flip side, many hemp strains are rich in cannabigerol. And given the plant’s legal status in the United States, CBG products that derive from this plant are a lot more accessible.

The most popular products out right now are CBG flower and oil tinctures. Let’s dive into more details about what hemp flower is and how to use it.

What’s so special about CBG hemp flower?

The largest concentration of cannabigerol lives in hemp flowers (or buds). Also, the small leaves that hug the sides of the buds are sugar leaves. They have high amounts of cannabigerol in them too. This is why CBG hemp flower is popular among people who want a good, strong source, without any fluff.

Besides, flower and sugar leaves, the hemp plant also has a few other major components — a stalk, seeds, and fan leaves. These elements are essential for making other types of health products, such as full spectrum tinctures, hemp protein powder, or hempseed oil.

Getting back to the question at hand, cannabigerol flower has several important phytochemicals. Hemp buds contains terpenes, which provide the aroma, flavonoids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, trace minerals and more. All of these plant compounds work synergistically to promote what’s called the ‘entourage effect’.

This effect is beneficial because the healing powers of the plant get magnified by the presence of these other nutrients.

Can you smoke CBG?

Yes, you can smoke cannabigerol hemp flower. In fact, it's one of the most common ways to get the cannabinoid in your system. You can buy the flower as is, grind it up and roll it into a joint, or use a pipe or vaporizer to smoke it.

Besides smoking it, you can also make recipes by infusing the buds into an oil or butter of choice. Many people who do this will then add the oil to a DIY skincare product, a salad dressing, or use some to make homemade desserts.

There are lots of exciting uses for CBG flower, see how creative you can be after getting your hands on some.

What is CBG good for?

CBG benefits exist because of the compound’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our bodies have several systems, like the immune system, digestive system, skeletal system, etc.

When we take supplements like digestive enzymes, they can help improve the function of our digestive system. Similarly, when we consume cannabinoids like CBG, they have the potential to optimize the health of our endocannabinoid system.

If you’re interested to know how cannabigerol interacts with the ECS from a scientific perspective, we’ll share those specifics with you now.

The ECS was first discovered by researchers in the early 1990s. Scientists found that its role is to maintain homeostasis, which is the state of internal balance. This system also is responsible for the health of the body’s physiological processes, like mood, sleep, appetite, memory, and more.

One of the primary pieces of the ECS are the cannabinoid receptors — CB1 and CB2. When you smoke CBG flower or consume it in an oil form, or another method, the properties of this compound bind to these two receptors. Essentially, the binding action helps activate the ECS. This activation strengthens the system and makes its job at maintaining homeostasis much easier.

How much does CBG cost & where can you buy some flower?

You can buy CBG flower strains online, or from your local dispensary. The costs vary, but the pricing is not that much more than CBD based products. When you’re looking to buy cannabigerol buds online, keep a few things in mind.

First, see if the company mentions the source of its hemp. Also, look for third-party lab testing reports that verify the strain is free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxic substances.

Lab reports also show the cannabinoid profile, so you’ll know the exact amount of cannabigerol content and the other cannabinoids you’re getting.

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