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Benefits of CBD

There are a vast number of medical benefits of CBD in physical and mental health. Some of these benefits include relief from chronic pain, depression, inflammation, headaches, anxiety, sleep disorders and so much more.

It can also be applied in a multitude of ways. There are forms that can be smoked or vaped, used topically, or ingested orally as oils or edibles.

CBD Oil For Anxiety: Facts, Fiction, Benefits And Risks

The dark cloud of anxiety has loomed over mankind for centuries. Prominent and well-respected historical figures such as Vincent Van Gogh, Jack Kerouac, Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton, and Abraham Lincoln have all been known to have some form of anxiety disorder – though, at the time, specific medical diagnosis of which disorder each of them had would have been relatively unknown.


Some regard cannabidiol, CBD as everyone knows it, as a panacea. While CBD is a fantastic remedy for various forms of anxiety and pain, it’s touted uses can be overblown at times. I overheard a conversation on the subway recently where someone was suggesting to the person they had on the phone to screw their chemotherapy and just take CBD.

The Health Benefits Of CBD

Everyone wants to heal, right? I mean, being unhealthy and sick kind of sucks. Luckily, CBD is becoming increasingly popular as a medicine. People everywhere are using it for healing, literally. It’s crazy because even doctors are using it and it’s working! Who would have ever thought that marijuana would cure our problems?

Sour Space Candy CBD Flower Review

Continuing our tradition of reviewing the hemp we get in here at Dr. Ganja, today we have a special newcomer: Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower! I’ve smoked and vaped Sour Space Candy for about a week now to get its true personality. It is to date, the most potent CBD flower I’ve tried.

Cascade CBD Flower Review

As usual the package containing my Dr.Ganja CBD flower was inconspicuous. Inside, other than the packing peanuts and test results, my CBD hemp flower was double wrapped: first inside a mylar bag and then an additional air-sealed plastic baggy, to ensure privacy and no smell.

Pineberry CBD Flower Review

Every Dr. Ganja CBD hemp flower package comes discreetly packaged and emits no smell. The labeling on the box is generic. From the outside, it’s impossible to discern what the box contains; a big plus to those who prefer privacy. Upon opening the box, the mylar bags that contain the actual cbd flower are further air-sealed in a bag.

Dr.Ganja CBD Products & Reviews

This blog is written by Kristina Louise she purchased CBD products from the CBD store and wrote a blog about her experience using the CBD products and we wanted to say thank you and that we really appreciate it!

CBD Helped With My Grief & Depression

I was diagnosed with pstd and with lupus take that and mix it up with losing my brother 11 months ago to suicide. You could only imagine the roller coaster ride I was on. My mother found him and me and my sister came home to our house surrounded by police.

CBD vs THC – Difference Between Marijuana & CBD Hemp

If you’ve ever smoked marijuana, whenever you hear the word ‘flower’ your mind may harken back to the dizzying days where lighting up a joint sent you on a trip to la-la land, at times accompanied by slight to extreme paranoia and anxiety.

Top CBD Products for Anxiety

Anxiety sucks – in fact, anxiety even changes the chemistry of your brain, which changes the chemistry of you…and no one wants that! Yet, you’re probably thinking – well, anxiety can’t just be washed away with a simple pill. I totally get it. I mean, I get anxiety just when I am walking through large crowds because it feels so overwhelming.

​What is a Flower?

You may be wondering why a marijuana bud is called a marijuana flower. It’s weird, right? Well, even though we sometimes call it a bud, it still is a flower and in my personal opinion, it isn’t a pretty one. Maybe you have a different opinion, but our opinions shouldn’t matter too much right now.

The Dr.Ganja Definitive Guide to CBD Tinctures (And Where to Find The Best Ones)

If you’re anything like me, your first experience upon seeing the wide variety of products on Dr.Ganja’s digital shelves might be a little overwhelming. Not only are there tons of products, all of them excellent in different ways, but they’re also insanely affordable and designed for your every CBD need!