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Operated by Boldt Runners Corporation, Cannadips is a modern alternative to dip or snus. Based in Humboldt County, California, Boldt Runners manufactures, markets and sells a full-flavor nicotine-free and CBD based dip for dippers everywhere. Established in 2018, this company has built itself up with a combination of experienced leadership and an innovative quality-made product. It is their mission to “supply quality CBD in a way that is radical and effective.” In addition, they aim to be responsible with authentic marketing to maintain industry integrity while amplifying interest for a nicotine-free solution.


Incidentally the CBD industry has been able to manufacture an overabundance of innovative products with differing usage delivery systems. Bioavailability is an important factor when ingesting compounds. Therefore the founders decided that it would be a unique transfer system to create a CBD based dip. Similar to snus, the delivery of CBD through salivary glands in the mouth allows for quick absorption into the bloodstream. Accordingly, the Cannadips team worked to create water dispersible cannabinoids. In doing so, it just so happens to increase bioavailability and dosage effectiveness as well.

To start with, Cannadips thought it best to launch with five core CBD products. Their original classic dips include American Spice, Natural Mint, Tangy Citrus, Tropical Mango and Fresh Wintergreen. And by the way, each tin contains 150mg of water dispersible CBD. There are fifteen 10mg pouches per tin. Nevertheless, some of these core products are not traditional dip flavors, but it’s simply undeniable that they are smashing traditions. With this in mind, they challenge traditional dippers to “Evolve Your Dip. All Flavor. No Tobacco. No Nicotine.”

Rippers Collection

Cannadips THC pouches are not quite a thing yet, but they have introduced a new collection of dips they call Rippers. As a matter of fact, the Rippers are a collection of seven different products all containing either HHCP, THCP or both. Each pouch contains just under .3% THC, but can contain as much as 4.5mg of THCP or HHCP. The HHCP cannabinoid choices include OG Kush and Blue Razz and THCP Rippers are available in Blue Dream and Wintergreen.

The Rippers Collection is also defying dip traditions by introducing new and innovative flavors. As a result, the Palmie reveals itself to be taking “the world by storm.” In fact, it's a great blend of black tea, natural citrus and 1.5mg of THCP per pouch. But for the more traditional dipper, THCP is offered in a Wintergreen flavor. And so it packs a serious punch to the taste buds with a piney wintergreen. Or as one Cannadips review states, “Love this flavor..maybe my new favorite!”.

As previously stated, Cannadips THC is not a thing just yet. For all we know, Boldt Runners Corp may be working on this as we speak. But, the Rippers Collection will suffice to continue to delight all dippers with a nice buzz! Dig all classic flavors like Blue Dream THCP, OG Kush THCP or the highly potent Banana Runtz 3x THCP. In fact, the Rippers Roll Pack is a great deal for those who are serious about their dip and want to, well, let it rip! Purchase a Roll Pack and receive two packs of THCP dip and two packs of HHCP dip as well. This pack will save you time and money as it is a convenient all-in-one order.

The Rippers Collection has the possibility of activating psychedelic effects with its hemp based cannabinoids. Granting that, it’s always recommended to start slow. In fact, they say to begin with one pouch and wait 30-60 minutes to feel the full effects. After further assessment, one can understand proper dosage amounts and frequency preferences. With this in mind, it should be understood that this product still may elicit a Cannadips drug test failure. For this reason, if you are subjected to random drug tests, it may be best to avoid the Rippers Collection.

The Fuel Line

The Fuel Line is the newest collection of dips to be released by the Boldt Runners Corp. It consists of a combination of energy and sleep formulations. The Go Fuel incorporates CBG, caffeine and guarana. In fact, each pouch contains 10mg of CBG and 25mg of caffeine plus guarana. It has shown to be quick and effective in endowing the dipper with an accelerated boost of energy to get through early mornings or for a great afternoon kick. That being the case, Cannadips Go Fuel is the perfect alternative to an energy drink or if coffee just isn’t your thing.

In addition to the Go Fuel, there is Sleep Fuel, which is a very pleasant dream inducing formula. It contains 10mg of CBN combined with 2mg of melatonin. With all the testimonials, the Fuel Line has officially proven itself to be an incredibly efficient delivery system of minor cannabinoids. As a result, both Go and Sleep Fuel bolster incredible benefits for a busy lifestyle. And busy lifestyles rely on laser focus throughout the day, but are contingent upon effective recovery phases. You may be wondering if there are any cannadips side effects? With Go Fuel, one may experience a loss of appetite or dehydration. Sleep Fuel will induce dry mouth or changes in appetite.

Where To Buy Cannadips?

Since the launch of this innovative hemp product collection of dips customer engagement has shot up incredibly quickly. Demand has led the brand to grow exponentially since the launch in 2018. This has led the company to expand production, which in turn stimulates excitement to produce more innovative products. With all the excitement over such a great alternative to nicotine dip or snus, you may be wondering where to buy Cannadips? The company is based in Humboldt, California, but their products are available throughout the United States. In fact, you can find their products in over 5,000 brick and mortar stores.

In addition to brick and mortar locations, you will find this excellent tobacco alternative available online. Most of the products can be shipped throughout the United States. International folks can look to Cannadips CBD sister European website for more details. But why would you order from anyone else when you can order directly from Dr.Ganja.com? Dr.G carry’s all the traditional classic flavors and the best prices available plus free shipping. Each tin contains 15 nicotine-free pouches containing 10mg of CBD per pouch to enjoy day or night.

What Is Cannadips?

With all the hype, you still may be asking exactly what is cannadips? Well, it is a small CBD pouch that contains all natural ingredients and does not include THC, tobacco or nicotine. The fiber pouches contain hemp-derived broad spectrum CBD extracts. All CBD extracts are from American grown hemp. In addition to cannabidiol, there are other ingredients and compounds that fully complete each specific formulation. Ingredients such as coconut fibers, essential oils and dry tinctures, as well as monk fruit extract, xanthan gum, vegetable glycerin, citric acid and salt.

The Boldt Runners Corporation intent is to provide people with a viable alternative to dip or snus. It is a dip substitute with bountiful flavor that is long lasting and extremely enjoyable in addition to its effects. Not only is it a tasty way to enjoy CBD, it is also incredibly effective as it delivers effects quite quickly and efficiently. Somehow chemists were able to transform hydrophobic cannabinoids into water dispersible compounds. Through this process the cannabinoids in each pouch can mix with saliva when placed in the mouth and pass them into the bloodstream via salivary glands. This process allows for faster absorption than even edibles. And although Cannadips THC pouches are not available as of yet, when it does become available, it will be off the hook.

How To Use Cannadips?

The second question most people ask is how to use cannadips? And, it is quite simple really. We recommend placing a pouch between upper lip and gums or simply place it underneath the tongue. It can even be placed at the very back of your mouth, if that is your preference. In addition, these pouches have been specifically designed to not necessitate the user to spit. Indeed this product is officially “spit-free”. This makes the transference of cannabinoids into your bloodstream system extremely quick and effective. In fact, the company claims that by not spitting, “you increase the surface area the CBD coats.”

Nevertheless, if you would prefer to spit, it is a personal choice. The company warns that because the product is designed as “spit-free”, spitting will lessen the effects of the CBD. However, your experience will still be satisfying because each pouch is bursting with excellent flavors for your taste buds. Each pouch can be enjoyed for as long as you want to enjoy it or can hold it in your mouth. In a Cannadips review it is noted that 30 minutes is a typical length of usage time. However, some boast much longer times. It is completely a personal preference. Also, please keep in mind that each pouch is not intended to be swallowed. But, if an accident occurs and it is swallowed, do not panic. Each pouch contains all natural ingredients and so your system will slowly digest it without distress.