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Doctors consider Chewing tobacco dangerous because it could lead to mouth cancer, but Cannadips is an alternative that could be helpful and healthy. Their chews are a smokeless and spit-less way to orally ingest some CBD or THC. Taking CBD or THC by mouth is a discreet and convenient way to dose – and people seem to find Cannadips products delicious!

Established in 2016, the company resides in Humboldt County, California. With blue collar roots, they stumbled upon a unique method of providing edible CBD or THC to consumers. To their surprise, no one had considered making infused, chewable dip before. They use locally sourced materials and they manufacture everything in their own community.

The company claims to use a proprietary process to preserve terpenes and flavor compounds found in their American-grown crops, to increase the potency of the ingredients and allow for quick absorption directly in your mouth.

Cannadips’ all-natural ingredients consist of coconut fiber, essential oils, monk fruit, and the dry tincture. Basically, they melt in your mouth, so your mouth-lining readily absorbs the essential ingredients – CBD or THC – for fast results. From there the CBD or THC directly enters your bloodstream. It takes around 10 minutes to reach full effects, dosing with this product. The effects of edible CBD or THC usually last from four to six hours.

Each tin of their CBD or THC dip contains 15 pouches of infused edibles. Dr. Ganja carries the CBD-only versions of Cannadips in three distinct, delicious flavors: Full American, Mint and Tangy Citrus.

Cannadips CBD Products

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