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In 2016, some Colorado natives founded CBDistillery in response to an overly expensive CBD market flooded with inferior products. They felt that they could provide high-quality, fairly priced CBD products derived from hemp. That became the idea that drives their company forward: reasonable prices for high-class hemp CBD solutions.

They’re not only interested in marketing cost-effective hemp-derived CBD products, but they also advocate education for consumers. CBDistillery wants customers up-to-date on the latest industry research, and they publish verified consumer testimonials. That is why they created and allow anyone to download The Ultimate CBD User Guide. And that is why they spread the #CBDMOVEMENT across social media platforms.

Further, CBDistillery claims they were the first company to publicly showcase third-party test results. They did this to demonstrate their commitment to delivering the very best quality CBD to their customers. Test results confirm the CBD potency claims for each product, as well as verifying other listed ingredients and any vital information. The company hopes this information underscores clearly and distinctly their concern for CBD consumers.

Package labels clearly display the CBD content of each product they create. Also, every CBD item comes with informational inserts that explain what CBD is and what it can do for the user. You can also scan a QR code on each product to view the third-party test results. That way you can confidently confirm that the CBD product you purchased has met regulatory requirements.

CBDistillery promises to always follow industry guidelines mandated by the FDA. Plus, they have certification from the U.S. Hemp Authority which provides guidelines within the CBD development and marketing industry.

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