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Cannabis company Concentr8 focuses on better health and wellness for their customers. They do this by creating high-quality hemp products. Managers and staff are cannabis users as well as manufacturers. Thus they won’t put anything in their merchandise that they wouldn’t allow in their own bodies. Safety isn’t just a buzzword for the company, it’s mandatory.

So Concentr8 is a good brand for those who are health conscious. Delta-8 THC is ideal for those who want benefits with less buzz. The high associated with this cannabinoid is milder and briefer. The benefits are just as powerful as with delta-9 cannabis. These reasons make delta-8 ideal for casual consumers.

Concentr8 follows the highest industry standards for ensuring quality in their products. Third-party labs verify the contents of each and every batch of source hemp. The test results are publicly available for anyone to examine. Transparency leads to trust. That’s a win-win for the company and its clientele.

Customer service is key to their success. They appreciate feedback from anyone. Concentr8 wants suggestions for new strains. They want ideas for new products. They welcome both questions and concerns.

Their products vary so that dosing options fit the needs of buyers. The company carries vape carts and concentrates. Edibles are also available. They make syrups and syringes. Want a hemp blunt? They have those too. Many of the ways users like to enjoy hemp can be found. That’s quality combined with quantity. Nice!

Dr. Ganja carries Concentr8 tinctures and vape carts. Tinctures come in two strengths – 5000mg and 1500mg. Cartridges contain strains such as Purple Punch, Rainbow Sherbet, and Strawberry Cough.