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Delta Farms is a company that is all about vaping delta-8. 2020 was the year of its founding. Veterans, scientists and farmers formed the company.  Together they have decades of cannabis industry experience. Though it is a newer company, it still has vast expertise in making hemp-based merchandise.

The company resides of the West Coast of the United States. Source farms are in Southern Oregon and Central California. Delta Farms believes in organic growing. That means their hemp will be completely non-GMO. It also means no pesticides or unnatural chemicals. Purity is important to them. They want to offer worry-free dosing to their customers.

Their operation is not small time. Altogether, Delta Farms boasts around 3000 combined acres of farmland and greenhouses. Plentiful supply means that they can easily meet the demand for delta-8 products. Their production facilities are Southern California partner laboratories.

3rd party labs also verify the quality of their hemp. They screen out anything unsavory from source hemp. Then they publish reports online verifying its purity and potency. Transparency is key to customer confidence and satisfaction.

Delta Farms makes tinctures and vaporizer cartridges. Oral dosing tends to be extremely effective. The mouth quickly absorbs Tinctures. This is a very fast and efficient way to dose. Vaping is slightly slower but delivers effects within minutes. These dosing methods give users a couple of options.

Dr. Ganja stocks several different strains of delta-8 vape carts. There are popular varieties like Northern Lights, Gorilla Glue #4 and many more.