Earn with Rewards

Give & Get a 10% Coupon Code

People always ask “how can I work with you guys?”

The answer is there are lots of ways you can work with us. Some of the ways include becoming an affiliate – we pay our affiliates every week. You can do video reviews or contribute to the blog. You can also submit your products to be added to DrGanja.com and you can work with us by participating in the rewards program!

What is Dr.Ganja rewards?

Dr.Ganja rewards is a fun way to let your friends know about your favorite products on DrGanja.com while sharing a 10% rewards coupon link with them. When they enter the site via your rewards link a 10% discount will automatically be applied to their order. And when they checkout, you’ll earn a 10% coupon code for yourself that’s good for your next order. The more people use it, the more coupon codes you earn. As people start using your rewards link, your stats and coupon codes will automatically be generated in your Dr.Ganja control panel!

How do I start?

It’s easy and free to start, simply sign in to your Dr.Ganja account and click rewards. You’ll see your own unique rewards coupon link. Share your rewards coupon link with others via social media, email, blogs, or any other fun creative way. As they enter the site via your rewards link a 10% coupon will be applied to their order. After they checkout, you’ll earn a 10% coupon code good for your next order. This information will automatically be displayed in your reward control panel.

Is Dr.Ganja rewards right for me?

Dr.Ganja rewards is perfect and easy for everyone to use! If you’re on social media or have a blog simply add your rewards link and share it with your followers. In the rewards control panel you can also use the email feature to send emails to your friends. It will automatically include a message and your rewards link.

How do I use my rewards code to shop at Dr.Ganja?

You will see a coupon code section on the rewards page. All the coupon codes you generated from sharing will be displayed there. Simply copy the coupon code and when checking out enter the coupon code and your savings will be applied!

Can I see who used my rewards code?

Yes you can! Via your rewards control panel, you’ll be able to see how many times your rewards code was used and how many coupon codes you generated as a result.

Is there a limit to how many rewards I can earn?

There are no limits with Dr.Ganja and there are no limits to the number of rewards that can be earned!

Where and how can I share my rewards Code?

Copy your link from your rewards page and start sharing it all over via your social media accounts, video sites and anywhere else you can think of to spread the word. You can tell your friends about a product you bought on Dr.Ganja.com and if they want to try it out to, send them your link! When they use that link, they will automatically get a 10% discount applied to their order. There’s also a cool feature found on the rewards page that allows you to enter your friend’s email addresses. Then your rewards link and a message from you will automatically be sent. Let your imagination run wild, it’s an awesome way to share and earn!

There’s no limit or restrictions with us, have fun with it!

How long does it take for me to get my coupon code after someone used my rewards code?

Your 10% coupon code will automatically be applied and reflected in your rewards account within 30 minutes after your rewards code is used. The more times your rewards code is used the more coupon codes you’ll earn. All your codes and stats will be displayed on your rewards page.

Do my rewards codes ever expire?

Coupon codes generated expire in 120 days after being generated, giving you plenty of time to use them!