ELLZ is a Los Angeles brand that creates affordable, accessible hemp-based smokeable products. They get made with a lot of passion and respect for the hemp plant.

The ELLZ Original Pre-Rolls are hand-rolled blunts made from organic hemp paper and hemp flower. They come in a convenient, resealable foil pouch, which keeps them fresh and potent until your last hit. One pack contains two hemp blunts and they each have one full gram of ground-up hemp flower. The ELLZ hemp cigarettes which is the 2nd product released contains 18 hemp cigarettes. Furthermore, this hemp flower comes from U.S. farms that use organic growing methods.

In addition, the brand believes in staying transparent. So, there's a QR-code on each pouch that you can scan to retrieve batch testing results. These third-party lab tests offer assurance that the CBD pre-rolls are free of heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants. As they should be.

Dr. Ganja sells ELLZ 2 pre-roll packs.