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Endoca wants to help you take your daily CBD wellness routine to the next level! Founder Henry Vincenty claims to have circled the globe in search of better organic therapies. He discovered that CBD had many of the qualities he sought in a natural treatment. Basically, he found that CBD from hemp was safe, organic, sustainable, and supposedly very beneficial. Vincenty created Endoca to produce high quality, pure hemp products for users’ health and healing needs. Vincenty’s company shares his passion for CBD and natural wellness solutions.

Many physicians and patients swear by CBD for pain relief, reducing inflammation, relieving anxiety and balancing your bodily systems. CBD seems to work seamlessly with your own body, so many view it as far more natural than prescription medications. Thus, Endoca’s company mission focuses on offering an alternative to modern day manufactured drugs and prescriptions.

Their premium hemp-derived CBD oil formulas contain a full spectrum of reportedly beneficial compounds, terpenes, flavonoids, and CBD.

Endoca dedicates itself to overseeing every step of the CBD production process. They want to make sure that their CBD oil is ALWAYS top quality. They follow strict guidelines, so they can guarantee the consumer gets the highest quality extracts. Nothing artificial is ever inserted into their CBD supplements. They offer a mix of strong and medium concentrations, plus raw and heated formulations. That way you can tailor your CBD treatments to your needs and tolerance level.

Dr. Ganja provides Endoca CBD capsules, body butter, salve, drops and a lot more.