Product Description

CBD MCT Tincture 500 mg by Johnny Apple CBD is a proprietary non-alcohol tincture that combines CBD, or cannabidiol, and coconut-derived MCT oil, a fatty acid that makes the CBD even more bioavailable.

Product Size
30 ml 500 mg CBD.

Suggested Use
Start with 10mg CBD for your first dose, then increase the amount after you know what effects to expect. Larger pets, such as cats and dogs, can also benefit from supplementing with the alcohol-free tincture, though Dr. Ganja recommends checking with your veterinarian about your specific pet’s needs.

CBD; coconut-derived MCT oil for solvency.

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  1. Johnny Apple CBD Tincture 500 mg
    Drug Testing
    5 out of 5


    My knew pain is virtually gone. Just need to know if this stuff..Infused Tincture 50omg..passes employer drug testing. Have seen mixed responses online.

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  2. Johnny Apple CBD Tincture 500 mg
    3 out of 5

    on Verified Purchase

    Works well but don’t let the name fool you. Doesn’t taste like apple

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  3. Johnny Apple CBD Tincture 500 mg
    5 out of 5

    on Verified Purchase

    The product is excellent

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  4. Johnny Apple CBD Tincture 500 mg
    85 yo Grandmother - Australia
    5 out of 5


    I bought this specifically for my elderly grandmother, who has issues with having sore feet due to a lack of blood circulation. Last night, I went over for dinner and before she could have her usual painkillers, we gave her 6 drops of this under her tongue. We did a little research, and figured best to start with 6 drops and see how it goes. Around 9PM (2 hours later), I asked how her pain was, and she forgot she was in pain. This woman has been on pain killers for 20 years and forgot that by this time of night, she’s usually in pain. We’ll keep testing this with different dosages over the coming weeks, but based on last night; I think we’re on to a winner.

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  5. Johnny Apple CBD Tincture 500 mg
    Love it!
    5 out of 5


    Firstly, to start my review I just want to thank Dr. Ganja as they were very communicative and lovely to deal with throughout the ordering process, even contacting me first regarding specific issues that may arise with the process (ordering to Australia). Thanks guys!
    Onto the product : I’ve just received my order today and tried out the product a few hours ago. Definitely feel calmer and happier and a little goofy/giggly. Kind of like an all-over warm hug feel. Haven’t yet tried it for sleep but will be doing so tonight, I’m absolutely sure it will help as my body and muscles are feeling totally lose and relaxed right now. I really like this CBD oil and will definitely be ordering again!
    Just a heads up that if you’re ordering to Australia it may take longer than you’re expecting (I ordered on 2nd October and received today on the 23rd Oct), most Australians are usually already aware that ordering pretty much anything internationally will take a little longer but just a heads up! This is obviously not a reflection on Dr Ganja but just that Australia is annoyingly far from most things. 🙂

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