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The Kush Burst gummy collection is a solid choice for the best in hemp edibles on the market today. With their full spectrum recipes, each container of chews will definitely strike the euphoria chord within you. And with a myriad of flavors, there is a chew for every discerning palate to delight in. With this in mind, their fruity chews are, without question, super scrumptious. Accordingly, using all-natural organic ingredients to create these fantastic chews is a contributing factor to the captivation of your senses. Plus, the variety of hemp cannabinoids and exact dosages in each chew will bring the chill you’ve been searching for. You can devour these fine hemp candies asap when you place your order today!

Bursting On The Scene

The company behind the Kush Burst Gummies is no other than Los Angeles based company, Fenix CBD. A thriving Los Angeles company, founded by Young Jin Yang, who’s interests lie in plant based alternatives for pain management. In place of opiate based pharmaceuticals, he reasoned that finding alternatives for pain and stress were preferable. Accordingly, as he worked in the cannabis industry, his knowledge of the hemp plant increased. Yang realized the impressive amount of compounds that the hemp plant offers is the key alternative he was looking for. As a result, Fenix CBD made its humble debut with hemp based cannabidiol products. Since then, this family operated business has grown to supply over fifteen states and certain international territories.

Always with quality in mind, Fenix CBD works to uphold high standards. For this reason all their products begin with fully licensed farms who grow first-rate seeds grown 100% organically and ethically. Each plant provides an abundant array of favorable terpenes for their therapeutic properties as well as aromas and flavors. All flowers are trimmed by hand and cured for the ideal results in cannabinoid content and stunning allurement. Furthermore, all Fenix products are only made in small batches to ensure quality at all levels of production. This includes all batches of Kush Burst Delta 8 in addition to their entire collection of products. Given that, Fenix products have grown to include pre-rolls, tinctures, edibles, extracts, vapes and pet hemp.

Kush Burst Gummies

Bursting into the hemp fruity chews scene, Kush Burst Delta 8 gummies are highly regarded with hemp connoisseurs. And since D8 THC is soaring in popularity, these fruit candies are making headway too. They have earned customer engagement and loyalty through their organic ingredients. So if you’re looking to avoid high fructose corn syrup, you have come to the right place. These sweet chews are created with primo ingredients like organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup and organic kosher gelatin. In fact, tapioca syrup is a great alternative to corn syrup because it has no added flavors, colors or aromas. It is definitely a healthier option that won’t skimp on flavor and will entice the fervor of your sweet tooth.

Incidentally, the D8 hemp oil added into each small batch of gummies is the real shining star here. As mentioned previously, Fenix CBD sources all their hemp from reputable American hemp farms only. All certificates of analysis or COA’s are available on the Kush Burst website, as well as on the Fenix site. The company’s transparency has certainly paid off. As each Kush Burst delta 8 gummies review reveals, these sweet chews are in high demand. After all, they are the brand who “love hemp and love candy”. Above all, there is really nothing like a great tasting piece of sweet chewy candy with amazing effects. And it is especially excellent when the effects are super chill and long lasting.

It is undeniable that Kush Burst fruit chews can add quite a lovely euphoric chill to your days or nights. Each chew is filled with a whopping 50mg dose of Delta 8-THC, which is substantially potent for an edible. Afterall, each jar contains 10 candies with a total of 500mg of D8. It is definitely recommended to start slow and eat about half or even a quarter of a gummy. But, if you’re gonna go all in, a full gummy will offer you a sweet gentle cloud 8 joy ride. Truly bursting with exceptional flavor and with the added benefit of hemp extract, these candies are a magical duo.

Kush Burst Super Knockout Blend

As if it couldn’t get any better, the Kush Burst Super Knockout Blend is making waves throughout the hemp industry. The variety of alt cannabinoids blended with organic ingredients to balance divine flavors is a tremendous union of euphoric proportions. It is truly an exceptional game changer for those looking to explore a quality fusion of hemp cannabinoids. To add the extra in extraordinary, this blend begins with their classic delta 8 extract and doesn’t stop there. The added boost includes hemp compounds such as D9 along with THCP, THCX and HHCP extracts. Each gummy contains a whopping 125mg per gummy, which is an incredible dose that ensures you’re getting your money’s worth. With a blend like this your relaxation time will be brilliant.

In fact, when you order a container of Kush Burst Super Knockout Blend, you will receive ten high dose fruit chews. With a total of 1250mg of hemp cannabinoids, you will want to begin on this journey with care and tact. Given that, a quarter of one gummy is a good place to start this joy ride. And as time passes your mind and body will feel the soothing qualities a blend like this can bring. It’s important to realize that the sweet flavors will tantalize your taste buds and you’ll be tempted to eat more than one at a time. But for the best experience, like always, a gradual increase will be your best bet for an impressive time.

Ghost Knockout Disposable Vape

Certainly the hemp industry is moving full speed ahead with its various offerings of cannabinoids in various delivery systems. And disposable vaporizers are definitely no exception to this deluge of quality products. The Ghost Knockout Disposable Vape is ideal for a quick delivery of excellent effects with satisfying and tasty vapor production. There are six disposable vapes with sativa, indica and hybrid-like effects. Each mini vape is sleek with a reservoir filled with 2.2ml (2.2g) of their proprietary hemp blends. It is undeniable that these tiny vapes have an enormous potent kick to them and may be perfect for quick relief.

So if you’re looking for a great day time energizer blend, Kush Burst Lemon Zkittles and Pink Candy Kush will be your go-to. Each offers a smooth sweetness that takes hold of your sweet tooth and offers the lift you may be longing for. For an all-around perfect all-day vape, choose White Ghost. It is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain that can help you relax during long busy days. Indica based blends are also available in Animal Cookies and Space Octane. While Blue Fire is the berry flavored solution for many giggles and sleepy times.

Bursting With Hemp Goodness

If you have yet to try these amazing products bursting with hemp goodness, then act now! Put in an order today and find out for yourself why every Kush Burst delta 8 gummies review is a positive one. And then you will soon understand why these hemp goods have become some of the most requested products on the market today. In fact, not only are they incredibly tasty with awesome effects, but they are also incredibly affordable. No breaking the bank here, only awe-inspiring potency, effects and flavors. It is quite the grab for your hemp arsenal, so don’t wait, get in on it today!