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Medterra Specialized in Premium CBD Oil Hemp Products

If you seek CBD made from non-GMO hemp, then look no further, because Medterra has you covered. Their source hemp is grown in the USA under the guidelines of Kentucky Department of Agriculture.  That level of strict procedure generally results in the consistent quality and safety of the crop. No pests, no heavy metals and no GMOs. Such oversight lends itself to confidence in the farming of and manufacture from the hemp. And that means their merchandise derived from organic hemp can be sold in every US state and many international countries.

Medterra further involves third-party labs to inspect every single batch of their CBD. Then they can guarantee potency and purity, effectiveness free from contamination. That should give consumers of their CBD peace of mind. The company makes claim to only processing and using 99% pure CBD. So, you’ll find zero THC, which means you can’t get high off it.

They also try to take an innovative approach to their various CBD products. Medterra constantly introduces new products that they feel can help people deal with their problems. CBD has been long reported to be effective with such problems as chronic pain, acute inflammation or overwhelming stress. Their farms and labs continually do research, so they can be sure about sourcing the finest ingredients for new products. They make an assortment of different CBD products to meet the needs of every person and every pet out there.

Dr. Ganja carries in stock Medterra CBD brand oil tinctures and pet peanut butter chews.

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