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Pure Xen

Slowing down and finding peace is what Pure Xen is all about. They hope customers can find physical and mental balance using their delta-8 products. The source of the company name is the Buddhist concept of Zen. The word means a state of calm attentiveness. That's something that everyone can use nowadays.

Delta-8 THC can bring relaxed focus. That’s because it has all the benefits of regular cannabis without a huge high. Though there is an initial buzz, that fades quickly. What remains is relief. That lasts far longer.

Pure Xen formulates products to provide better focus, fast relaxation, and good sleep. They also make them with a commitment to quality. The company verifies purity and potency via 3rd party testing. They publish results online for transparency. Openness is another way to ensure comfort and confidence. That way users can dose with their products with peace of mind.

The company infuses their chewy cannabis treats with delta-8 goodness. Theory use full spectrum hemp to make their gummies. That means all of the cannabinoid benefits of source plants. Everything works together in the entourage effect for maximum benefit.

Variety is something else that Pure Xen wants to offer. Though, right now, they only make cannabis gummies they are branching out. Coming soon customers will also be able to use the company’s tinctures, topicals and vape oil. More options will give users options for dosing in whatever way is best for them.

Dr. Ganja carries Green Apple, Watermelon, and more flavors for tasty delta-8 dosing.

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