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Single Source

The southern US state of North Carolina is home to Single Source hemp processing company. They make and market CBD and delta-8 products. They use hemp terpenes to create popular strain flavor profiles. It is their mission to create enjoyable and effective products for their customers.

Assuring users of the quality of Single Source merchandise is job one. To do that they first use the best possible source plants. Then their chemists painstakingly extract the necessary ingredients. Third-party labs test their wares to ensure potency and purity. Results are published online as proof to prospective buyers. They want them to know that they can trust company claims.

Single Source sees the real benefits of cannabis. They believe that CBD can help customers with pain, inflammation, and stress. They also know that delta-8 can give strong benefits. This is without the intense high of marijuana. Effects ranging from cancer prevention to appetite control are available with their delta-8. They will get a buzz, but that wears off quickly. Offering both types of hemp products means a variety of methods to medicate.

So the company creates all kinds of good things to consider. They have edibles for those who want slow release satisfaction. Single Source sells hemp flower and pre-rolls for more traditional users. And there are concentrates and tinctures too. No matter how consumers like their cannabis, the company makes something compelling.

Dr. Ganja offers Single Source delta-8 vaporizer cartridges. There is an array of popular strains to choose from. Shoppers can select from Acapulco Gold, Super Sour Diesel, Blue Dream and more.

Single Source Products

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