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Social CBD

The idea behind Social CBD brand was to un-harsh inhaled CBD, reducing particulates and chemicals that can irritate lungs. Based in the city of Portland, they started with the goal to produce better-tasting, safer CBD cartridges. In order to produce supposedly superior CBD, the company’s protocols are even stricter than their home state of Oregon requires. That way, they hope customers will come to trust their brand for pure and healthy CBD solutions.

Social CBD claims to make and market perhaps the purest CBD cartridges out there. No fiberglass, no pesticides, no caustic chemicals, instead their products use things like Japanese organic cotton. And they regularly refine tons of hemp into CBD solutions for consumers’ health and well-being. The company only uses organic industrial hemp to extract their CBD. Then they design their products carefully to provide the healing benefits attributed to cannabidiol, but without THC’s psychoactive effects.

Part of their mission to promote purer CBD production includes educating users about the physical and mental benefits of CBD. They attest that dosing with their CBD merchandise can reduce pain and inflammation while relieving stress and anxiety. Plus, they offer peace of mind when it comes to the clean, uncontaminated nature of their CBD from hemp. To back up their claims of safety and quality they use 3rd-party testing with published results.

In addition to cartridges, their products include things such as edible gummies, topicals and drops that you can take orally. Dr Ganja currently carries Social CBD disposable vaping pens, muscle rub, skin patches, oil tinctures and more.

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