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CBD and delta-8 THC from hemp are two specialties of Spensary. The company has it's headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. From there, they focus on making and marketing premium hemp-based products.  Their delta-8 line is a collaboration with another company, LulaCBD.

There are a growing number of cannabis companies, and Spensary knows this. To stand out in the pack, they understand that a company has to excel in the quality and efficacy of their products. That means a commitment to excellence. It also means transparency. They publish 3rd party test results online for each batch of their source hemp. Openness means their customers can dose with their cannabinoids with confidence.

Education is also important to the company. Spensary publishes information on their web site to teach users about cannabinoids. They believe that informed consumers make better choices.

Variety in merchandise gives their customers options when it comes to dosing. They offer hemp flower, topicals and tinctures. And they offer cartridges for vaping. Different ways to dose help users get the benefits they want in the way that the need.

Government regulations mandate that hemp products must have less than delta-9 THC. Delta-8 THC is less regulated, but there may be restrictions in some areas. It’s best to check local laws before ordering. CBD products are even more loosely restricted. With any cannabis product, it’s best to check with your doctor before dosing.

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