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Terp 8 is all about delta-8 THC. There are two things that they dedicate themselves to. One is making and selling premium products. And two is educating the consumer. Both together, done right should result in satisfied vaping customers.

The company realizes that sometimes CBD is not enough. Delta-9 THC in marijuana produces a strong psychotropic high that some find is too much. But Delta-8 is a much milder form of THC. So, users can take this lesser cannabinoid and remain more clearheaded. It still has all the positive effects with much less negative. The founders formed Terp 8 to bring an alternative cannabis solution to market.

THC in either form is good for pain and stress relief. Cannabis is also a proven sleep aid and appetite stimulant. People with dementia and other brain diseases sometimes benefit from THC. Terp 8 offers products that can do all of that through the delta-8 variety.

Another important plus is that delta-8 products are legal everywhere. The US government restricts hemp merchandise to .03% delta-9 THC. Everything that Terp 8 makes falls within these guidelines. Thus, they can offer their goods freely to anyone over the age of 21. More consumers can benefit from their vape pens and cartridges that way.

The company puts out two varieties of natural terpene-infused delta-8 merchandise. They produce both vaporizer cartridges and disposable vape pens. Available for every single thing that they sell is a 3rd-party lab certificate of analysis. That assures users of the purity and safety of their products.

Dr. Ganja has available several flavors of Terp 8’s disposable vaporizer pens.